Broccoli vs Kale: Which one do you think is healthier?

All green vegetables are vital for the overall health of your body, but we are here to talk about the greenest of all vegetables, broccoli, and Kale. Let us find out the winner between the two to know which one is healthier and more beneficial.
broccoli vs kale Broccoli vs Kale: Which one do you think is healthier?
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When it comes to picking out the healthiest greens, you are left with so many options that it becomes difficult to decide which one is healthier and more beneficial than the other. While all green vegetables are essential to improve your overall wellbeing and health, it is important to know the calorie content and nutrients for each of these vegetables. 

Eating healthy should be a lifestyle choice for all of us as it only benefits us in the long run from fighting through multiple diseases and viruses. It builds our body’s immunity to fight diseases, falling ill, and keeping ourselves energized. From a nutritional point of view, both broccoli and Kale are winners as they are high in vitamins, nutrients, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants, all of which are crucial for a healthy diet.

However, we might consider choosing a superior veggie out of the two, and given the choice, should you choose broccoli or kale? Let us find out below.


Broccoli is certainly the most disliked vegetable as it has a distinctive taste, but it is known to be a superfood as it is low in calories and super beneficial for health. Broccoli eaten raw is despised by kids as it tastes bland, hence, many people have different variations and cooking styles to make this vegetable interesting and edible without kids making a fuss.

You can make broccoli soup, or integrate it into your daily salad by adding a squeeze of lemon, salt, and black pepper. You can steam broccoli and eat it as a side dish, grilled or sauteed. You can also mix it with rice or gravy.


Raw kale is more beneficial, although, it has a bitter taste and it tastes rather unappetizing compared to broccoli. Kale is loaded with multiple nutrients and vitamins, it is certainly beneficial for people with diabetes, people wanting to lose weight, or people with health problems. It aids in removing toxins from the body and helps fight diseases.

You can eat raw kale in a salad, dress it with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. You can add kale to healthy bowls, or use it as a salad base. You can even blend it in juice and drink it as a healthy detox drink.


Broccoli has a less calorie content, about 34 calories, and a belly full of nutrients in just a tad bit amount of broccoli. While Kale has 49 calories per 100-gram serving and if you are consuming it on a daily basis, it means more calories intake as compared to broccoli.


When it comes to nutrients and protein intake, broccoli has a lesser intake of protein as compared to kale. While kale has about 8 percent of protein, broccoli has a 5 percent of protein value in it. 


Both broccoli and kale are light on calories, however, the difference is between the amount of protein. While broccoli has a lesser calorie intake, kale is high on proteins and vitamins. Kale gives you more amount of protein and vitamins than broccoli. But more of everything is also not a good idea. You can consume broccoli on a daily basis, but it is not the same as kale. 

Kale has been proven to lower the risk of getting cancer. Both broccoli and kale when steamed are beneficial for lowering cholesterol levels. While Kale is proven to be more beneficial for the body, it should be consumed in a lesser amount.

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