Brown sugar vs Jaggery: Which one is healthier?

Jaggery and brown sugar are both considered as a healthier option than white sugar, but when it comes to choosing between brown sugar and jaggery we often tend to confuse the benefits of both. Know the difference between brown sugar and jaggery and find out which one is better.
brown sugar Brown sugar vs Jaggery: Which one is healthier?
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Brown sugar and jaggery both are used as ingredients to add sweetness to meals or beverages. Both have a similar taste and similar colour, but they have certain differences that make each ingredient special in its own way. Brown sugar is certainly better than white sugar but is brown sugar better than jaggery, let us find out the best alternative that you can add to your diet for a sweet flavour.

Know the difference between the two ingredients that are often used as an alternative to white sugar to add sweetness to your meals. 

Difference between jaggery and brown sugar

Jaggery is made with a different process and approach. Jaggery is unrefined sugar made without spinning it in a centrifuge. Whereas, brown sugar is refined sugar and involves centrifuging also. Jaggery is considered as vegan whereas brown sugar is not because the charcoal treatment is a part of the white sugar refinement process.

Jaggery comes naturally from sugar cane but it can also be procured from palm sap. The sugar crystals and molasses found as major components in brown sugar come from sugar cane. Jaggery is rare and more expensive than brown sugar. Brown sugar is more commonly used across the world and jaggery can be found in rare parts of the world.

Jaggery is not as sweet as brown sugar and the colour can range from different shades of brown to dark brown. Brown sugar is consistent, it is basically white sugar blended with molasses.


Jaggery is considered healthier and used by many health experts and fitness freaks as a substitute for white sugar. However, jaggery comes in solid form and needs to be broken down into pieces if you want to add it to meals. Hence, brown sugar can be used in less portion and won’t add too much sweetness to your beverages or meals. Jaggery can be used as an authentic food to add a sweet flavour to the dishes whereas, brown sugar serves as an all-purpose sweetener.

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Anonymous 6 months ago

Do you even know what vegan means?

Anonymous 6 months ago

Charcoal is burnt down, so can contain animal products such as cow dung