Burnout: 8 signs that you're dealing with excessive and prolonged stress

We all want a successful career but sometimes we push ourselves a tad bit too much which can put our mental health as well as our goals in jeopardy by causing a burnout due to stress and work overload.

Updated on Feb 15, 2020 03:03 PM IST  |  782.4K
Burnout: 8 signs that you're dealing with excessive and prolonged stress
Burnout: 8 signs that you're dealing with excessive and prolonged stress
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In today's time, most of us are so busy focusing on our goals and achievements that we have forgotten all about our own mental health. We strain and stress ourselves in order to achieve our goals and be successful in life. The idea of success has become so important to us that we have stopped caring about our own mental needs and push ourselves too much. But what happens when you push yourself too much, too far? We put all our energy into our work and that's probably why we're left with nearly nothing to live the rest of our lives. All of this can lead to burnout. Burnout is when you become emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted due to excessive and prolonged exposure to stress. Stressing yourself with too much work can put you on the edge and break you down to a point where you're left incapable of doing anything. This is why it's essential to look out for the signs of burnout because if you don't it might drastically impact your productivity as well as your life and will only make everything worse.


Here are some signs of burnout which can help you spot it before it's too late.


1. You feel absolutely exhausted even after getting adequate sleep. You feel like you have no energy left to do anything at all and it's not just physical, it's also emotional and mental. You don't have any energy left to spend on your emotions and feelings either.


2. This can often be accompanied by sleep-related problems like disturbed sleep or inability to fall asleep or trouble falling asleep. The biggest problem would be a messed up sleep cycle.


3. You may not feel like going to work or rather there will be a lack of motivation when it comes to work. Work may seem like a big task and it may become very stressful to keep it up. Your productivity and performance at work will go down.


4. You may end up making a lot of mistakes at work or at home and feel frustrated because of it. Your mind may be flooded with negative thoughts and emotions and you may just end up feeling terrible about anything and everything.


5. This can often make people feel very detached from those around them. People experiencing burnout often withdraw from their loved ones and stay away from their friends and colleagues as well.


6. You may become a very sensitive person and take every little thing to heart and feel terrible about it. People tend to take everything personally and become uncomfortable with being around other people and dealing with them.


7. Just the thought of waking up and going to work can fill you up with dread. You simply begin to feel stressed by the thought of having to work. Most people end up getting moody and irritated because of this and they run short on patience which means that they're more prone to lashing out on the people around them. 


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