Busting Myths: 4 common misconceptions you need to know about infertility

Updated on Jun 25, 2021 05:19 PM IST  |  201.8K
4 common misconceptions you need to know about infertility

Infertility is when you are having difficulty in getting pregnant despite trying several times and having unprotected sex multiple times. The cause of infertility may be difficult to determine and the internet has a lot of misinformation to spread around it. Hence, we are here to bust some common myths and give you the facts.

You might have come across various methods to try and conceive on the internet, but probably nothing has worked. Infertility is common and as much as you want to conceive, any advice is usually not helpful. Here are 4 common myths about infertility busted.

Fertility is a woman’s problem

Infertility not only affects women. It involves both the gender to make a baby. Each sex has its own set of symptoms that might cause infertility. One can’t put a blame on just one. 

You need to try more

For couples to be advised to try harder or more can be demoralizing as infertility is not just related to more sex. There’s a lot more to infertility than implies. There could be several other reasons or symptoms that are responsible for infertility.

Stress causes infertility

Stress does have a negative effect on your body and it can hamper your overall health but to say that stress is the only cause for infertility is totally wrong. The advice to just relax and you will get pregnant does not work. 

Age is not a factor for infertility

This is false as age is the most important factor in women for fertility. As women get older, the possibility of getting pregnant reduces. The conceiving rate goes down gradually as women get older as the egg quality starts to decline and there are fewer chances of getting pregnant.

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Anonymous : unfortunately women are blamed from day one ( and it will go on forever) for infertility .
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