Busting Myths: 5 common misconceptions you need to know about PCOS

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Busting Myths: 5 common misconceptions about PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common hormonal disease that women go through during their reproductive age bracket. Some of the symptoms related to PCOS are irregular periods, sudden weight gain, hair loss, facial hair, acne and more. The lack of awareness around this common disease has created a lot of misinformation related to the health problems of PCOS women. 

Women with PCOS have a higher level of androgens and elevated levels of insulin that regulates blood sugar. While there is no specific treatment for PCOS, certain lifestyle changes and habits can improve the PCOS condition in women. Here are some of the most common myths around PCOS busted:

You can’t get pregnant if you have PCOS

Women suffering from PCOS might indeed face difficulty in conceiving as this happens due to ovulation or egg quality problems. However, this does not mean that you can’t entirely conceive or get pregnant while you’re trying. With the right amount of nutrients, a balanced diet and good lifestyle habits like exercising, one can increase their chances of getting pregnant.

PCOS is not the only cause for having irregular periods

Having irregular periods does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from PCOS. Irregular periods can happen due to several factors like breastfeeding, pregnancy, your diet or hormonal changes. 


Ultrasound is mandatory if you have PCOS

It is only necessary if and when you don’t meet the requirements for hirsutism or irregular periods and PCOS is still suspected. It isn’t always needed in the first phase of being suspected with PCOS, after going through tests and basis on the severity of the symptoms, you might be given an ultrasound test. 

Diabetes causes PCOS

It is PCOS that can cause diabetes and not the other way round. Having PCOS leads to an increase in insulin levels, making you vulnerable to type 2 diabetes as you grow older. 

PCOS can be treated by shedding weight

Losing weight is not a solution to treating PCOS. PCOS is caused due to several reasons and factors. Only losing weight will not help you in getting rid of PCOS.

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Anonymous : The women and child care ministries should start publicising and propogating adoption to fight childlessness .
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Anonymous : PCOS affects at least 10% of normal , average women in productive age world wide. the biggest cause is STRESS . its difficult to conceive in such cases after 35 or so . instead of lamenting ,wailing , worrying , then spending millions on IVF etc., why not adopt .
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