Busting Myths: 8 Misconceptions regarding COVID 19 vaccine debunked by Infectious Disease Specialist

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Myths about COVID 19 vaccine

People above 18 years of age are now getting vaccinated to contain the deadly Coronavirus. But still there are several myths regarding the vaccine which are actually misleading people and some are even getting scared of getting their jab. So, these myths should all be broken and people should be well aware of the actual facts. So, Dr Charu Dutt Arora, Infectious Disease Specialist and COVID Care Expert breaks the myths and talks about the actual facts of their COVID 19 vaccine.

1- We don’t need the vaccine since most of the COVID-19 cases are mild and we have a good immunity to fight!

Although it’s true that some of the COVID-19 cases are mild and need no hospitalisation, however, other cases can become severe and may need ICU admission as well. Older patients and immune-compromised patients such as with Cancer are more susceptible to develop severe disease. One must go for vaccination as it develops antibodies to protect against COVID-19 virus.

2- VACCINES are not safe since they are developed QUICKLY!

It is true that most of the COVID-19 vaccines have been developed in a comparatively shorter span of time, it does not mean that safety and efficacy of these vaccines have been compromised.

Rather, the scientific community and researchers have worked day and night to ensure that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective and well-studied.

3- I will get COVID-19 if I get VACCINATED!

No, it’s not possible to catch COVID-19 virus from the vaccine since there is no live virus in it.

4- I will get VERY SICK if I get vaccinated!

Like any other vaccination, COVID-19 vaccine can cause mild and short-term symptoms such as pain at the site of vaccine, redness, low grade fever and feeling of tiredness.

5- I don’t need the vaccine because I have had COVID-19 in the past!

No one is aware about the timeline of the natural immunity which develops post COVID-19 infection. One can get re-infected with the virus, if the natural antibody load is not enough. Hence, the Centre of Disease Control (CDC) recommends everyone to get vaccinated after 90 days of the recovery from infection to extend their immunity even further.

6- Are these vaccines chipped with trackers or do they alter our DNA?

No, none of the COVID-19 vaccines can alter the genome since they use m-RNA technology (which is made from DNA). Also, they have no nanotechnological devices chipped that they can micro track humans.

7- I don’t have to wear masks now since all my friends are vaccinated!

This is the biggest myth! Strong immunity is achieved only when 70-80 percent of the entire population is vaccinated. We must follow COVID-appropriate behaviour such as wearing masks and hand hygiene even if we or our friends and family are vaccinated.


All studies have shown positive results of vaccination in pregnant and lactating mothers. It is for their and their babies’ safety. Also, it is absolutely safe to get vaccinated during your menstrual cycles. Just make sure that you keep yourself well hydrated.

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