Can digital fitness classes take over physical fitness centres post the pandemic? Find out

With everything including gyms, spas and fitness centres opening up during the pandemic, Paras Gupta, bodybuilder and owner of a gym opines.
Physical fitness centre Can Digital Fitness Classes take over Physical Fitness Centers post the pandemic? Find out
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Lately, we have seen a lot of people engaging in health and fitness activities. The sedentary lifestyle that people were made to adapt led them to engage in fitness activities to avoid diseases, obesity, and build-up fat. The fear of globally spread Covid-19 was also one of the reasons why people became health conscious and started to adopt a healthy lifestyle to increase their immunity.

Since the health and fitness centres had to shut due to the lockdown, people globally started to look for alternate options to continue with their daily workouts. Many fitness studios, trainers, freelancers, and influencers went online to continue providing their services for their current and new customers.

Various platforms digitally provided workout videos and diet plans that helped people to access different sessions at the comfort of their homes. People had an option to pick from either, one-one personal training, live sessions, and pre-recorded sessions. Access to these massive numbers of online training programs made it easier for people to work out at home with or without equipment of their choice.

However, fitness enthusiasts and professional bodybuilders found it hard to work out from home, since they are used to working out using heavy and advanced Gym equipment.

The advanced fitness equipment and professional training floors are an influential factor in the fitness industry. The digital fitness classes lack the usage of variety and quality of advanced gym equipment and the experience of physically being trained under their strict supervision of experienced gym trainers. The social setting of a physical fitness centre is also a motivating factor that attracts people to work out more effectively with other people sharing similar energy.

While the Unlock Phase has implemented, various fitness centres have reopened with strict precautions. Mandatory precautions that are taken by gyms include:
pre-scheduling of classes, proper and regular sanitization, limited capacity of people per session, plastic shields between equipment, 5 feet distance between customers, 6 feet distance between equipment, different entry, and exit points, temperature check before entering the gym, oxygen check after the workout, and mandatory face masks.

The fitness centres are working on maintaining social distancing and providing a safe and healthy environment for its customers. Many people have started their workouts from gyms considering the various facilities available. Thus, Physical Fitness centres will always remain important for those looking at professional workout sessions with maximum usage of advanced equipment.

About the author: Paras Gupta is the owner of Universe Health Club and an Indian bodybuilder. 

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