Cardiologist Dr Ameya Udyavar sheds light on cardiovascular disease management during COVID-19

During the COVID 19 scenario, people with cardiovascular diseases should be on extra careful. And people recovering from COVID 19 should keep a strict eye on their heart health. So, Cardiologist Ameya Udyavar talks about cardiovascular disease management during the Coronavirus crisis.

Updated on Jun 05, 2021 04:13 PM IST  |  475.6K
How to manage cardiovascular diseases amid COVID 19
How to manage cardiovascular diseases amid COVID 19
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COVID-19 has instilled fear amongst people. Patients today are fearful of visiting the doctors and going to hospitals for medication and treatment. During these uncertain times, if patients notice chest pain or breathlessness, they should not ignore it. A medical expert should be contacted, and the issues need to be discussed. If the patient does not have the resources to visit the doctor, then an online consultation is necessary. And this is more important for people showing symptoms of cardiac illness.

How people with cardiac illness should stay aware?

If patients already have pre-existing cardiac problems, if they have already undergone bypass surgery or angioplasty, they should not stop their medication and continue to follow their courses. If they have any medication that does not suit them, they will need to inform their doctor, take an opinion and then see what can be done further. So, Dr. Ameya Udyavar, Consultant Cardiologist and Cardiac Electrophysiologist, talks about cardiovascular disease management during COVID-19 scenario.


Effects of COVID 19 in Heart

Regarding COVID-19, it can affect the heart in rare cases. COVID-19, which infects the cardiac muscle or what we call myocarditis, is a rare condition seen in 5-6 percent of total COVID-19 cases. That happens only in severe patients as COVID-19 can be mild or severe. So, 90-92 percent of patients suffer from mild COVID-19 illnesses. The remaining 10 percent are severe COVID-19 illnesses in which we can see the cardiac muscle getting involved. Such patients get very sick and need to be admitted to the ICU with ventilator and port oxygen.

Post COVID-19 management amongst patients who suffer from cardiac issues

There is a very small chance that COVID-19 can cause a problem. For example, it causes increased clots in the leg or the brain and rarely in the arteries. Those clots can lead to blockages, either in one of the veins or in the heart's artery, which gives rise to cardiac issues, known as thrombosis. However, it is a rare condition. It is a small percentage of patients who have just recovered from COVID-19 and might face it in 2-3 months. If one has any symptoms like these, they should get themselves tested, take an opinion from the doctor, and get treated immediately.


A suggestion to all:

Do not panic, irrespective of the situation. Since you are confined to your homes, ensure that you keep yourself mentally and physically active. Physical exercises are essential. Try going for a walk or jogging on the spot at home for 15-20 minutes. Since we are at home, we need to make sure to keep our minds busy. Spend time wisely. Try pursuing a hobby online, ticking the wish-list based on all the things you wanted to do before and never got time.

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