Celebrities in India are moving away from hair transplants: The QR 678 hair growth treatment effect

Celebrities in India are now using the QR 678 hair growth treatment, the best hair treatments for every hair type to get rid of hair loss & hair fall & cause hair growth of men & women at The Esthetic Clinics, India.
hair loss,Health & Fitness,hair transplant,QR 678Celebrities in India are moving away from hair transplants: The QR 678 hair growth treatment effect
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There are no double thoughts that many of us are suffering from hair loss. Many actors too have endured or are having hair fall issues. Celebs tend to have hair-related ailments due to hectic and stressful lives. Burnt or damaged hair due to styling and alopecia areata, especially traction alopecia, androgenetic alopecia, female pattern baldness, are the common hair issues. For instance, recently, Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra spoke about his baldness. He revealed that several hairstyling techniques and excessive usage of heat and hair products led to his hair loss. The hair loss menace is so common that it even caught Bollywood filmmakers' attention as well. Movies focusing on premature balding such as Bala, Ujda Chaman and Gone Kesh were made recently.

If you are thinking hair loss is a common problem in just men, then you are wrong. As per studies, there are hardly any women who have a full head of hair throughout their lives. Talking about the causes, there are plenty. Genes, poor lifestyle choices, nutritional deficiency, stress, hormonal changes, illnesses and pregnancy are some of the common triggers. We can deal with hair loss with the treatments, some of them being hair transplant surgeries and scalp reduction surgeries. However, people are not opting for hair transplants as it includes side effects such as scalp pain, itching, etc. Also, we cannot ignore the fact that it costs a bomb. Recently, a few patients also died due to hair transplants. Hence, even Bollywood, Tollywood & Kollywood celebrities are opting out of hair transplant surgeries and preferring non-surgical treatments for hair growth.

So, which is the best hair growth treatment?

Recently, we have learned about a revolutionary hair growth treatment called QR 678 ®. The QR 678® hair growth factors invention is the result of a decade of research conducted by The Esthetic Clinics ®, which has a chain of top class Dermatology & Plastic Surgery centers all over India. The Esthetic Clinics currently has centers in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Ahmedabad. Centers are now in the planning stages in Nagpur, Vishakapatnam, Chennai & Bhubaneshwar.

The QR 678 therapy has been awarded the prestigious USA patent. The QR 678 also has an Indian patent and has FDA approval from multiple countries for safety & efficacy. In many research articles, the QR 678 has been touted amongst the Best & latest Inventions to grow hair for 2019-2020. The inventors Dr. Debraj Shome, an eminent Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon & Dr. Rinky Kapoor, a renowned Dermatologist, have been awarded by multiple agencies globally, for their invention, which has revolutionised hair growth treatment. The QR 678 is currently a completely 'Made in India' product which is being exported to multiple countries globally.

The best part about the QR 678 hair therapy is that it is not only inexpensive and quick, but also non-surgical. This is a painless and effective way to stimulate the growth of new hair. The solution, which has a unique mixture of hair growth factors, is introduced into the scalp in a safe and painless manner via mesotherapy and after a couple of sessions; you will get to see the amazing hair growth results. As per our research, this particular therapy has over 90% success rate and delivers far better results in comparison to other Stem Cell and PRP injections. Also, the cost of it is just 1/10th of the expense of any hair transplant and with no known side effects. The QR 678 treatment works in male pattern baldness, alopecia areata, female pattern hair loss & hair loss post-chemotherapy in cancer patients. The QR 678 hair treatment also works in thickening your existing hair & reducing hair fall significantly. No wonder that the QR 678 treatment is now considered the best hair growth and anti-hair loss treatment in India and world over.

So, why not learn from the top Indian celebrities & go for the best non-surgical way to grow your hair naturally? Celebs are smart & if they are not going for the hair transplants anymore because they are super expensive, risky & painful & are opting for the QR 678 to grow their hair, maybe it's time that you too think of ways to grow your hair naturally. We also learnt that QR 678 will be officially launched in Dubai at the Arab Health conference, the largest medical conference globally, in January 2020.

We found the following video on the treatment very useful to learn more.

This post is in partnership with The Esthetic Clinics ®!  

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How can i get it in indià n what's the price

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How can I get it.iam living in South Afrisufferinh from alopecia

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