Nutritionist Suggests 3 Celebrity Approved Ways to Clean Your Gut

Nutritionist Shweta Shah has Bollywood clients such as Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif. She gave us some valuable tips from Ayurveda
ayurveda Nutritionist Suggests 3 Celebrity Approved Ways to Clean Your Gut
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Celebrity dietician and Nutritionist Shweta Shah met with @Pinkvillausa to talk about how a simple Ayurvedic lifestyle can benefit your health in many ways. She mentioned that it has become increasingly difficult to do this because of the various food options out there, many of which are albeit unhealthy. However, she gave us some simple remedies, that we can cultivate in our daily lives to be healthy and happy.

Ayurveda is a 5000 old science, which has proven the test of time. Shweta mentions that it is high time we go back to our roots and use the traditional wisdom and ancient principles. She says, “People believe that an Ayurvedic diet is restrictive. I don’t agree. In the olden days, people used to lead a simple life with simple food and therefore they were very much in sync with nature. Now, we have so many options and choices around us that it has become increasingly hard to switch to a simple lifestyle. I don’t force people to follow Ayurvedic principles per se. However, I do encourage them to follow certain guidelines so that they are healthy and don’t fall sick. I always feel like Ayurveda is a manual given to us by mother nature, explaining how to take care of yourself and be in sync with nature.”

Shweta has worked with celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif among others. She mentions that these stars are really fit and therefore made her job easier. However, she did add that Deepika Padukone, belonging to the Pitha Dosha, had to deal with a lot of acidity issues. The long schedules and the frequent traveling did not help either! However, she mentions that she helped Deepika overcome these health problems with the tips givenbelow. 

Getting started

There are basically three tips that Shweta suggests, to slide into an Ayurvedic lifestyle. These are also the main ways to keep your gut clean, and something that celebrities swear by:

  1. Oil pulling: This is an ancient technique that all Ayurvedic experts swear by.  Shweta mentions, “This is to eliminate the body’s toxic waste. It involves swishing (sesame) oil in the mouth for 20 minutes, first thing in the morning. “
  2. Vegetable juice: The thumb rule of Ayurveda is to keep your gut clean. Shweta recommends using at least one vegetable juice in your diet, so it flushes your gut.
  3. Eat according to your Dosha, to lead a healthy life.

Know your Doshas

Doshas are the pillars of Ayurveda called Vata, Pitha and Kapha. They are believed to be responsible for your physiological, emotional, and mental health. Shweta mentioned that every person belongs to one or two of these Doshas. The Dosha balances your mind, body, and soul. Shweta said, “Everybody knows their blood group. Similarly, it is important to know your Dosha. Once you know it, it gives you an insight into yourself, helps you know your emotional and mental make and also keeps your diseases in check.”

Shweta explained the three Doshas as:

  1. Pitha: This is the ‘fire’ Dosha. These people are very enthusiastic, they love to be around other people and they are popular as they are articulate and interesting. They eat well and fast and digest their food fast. When a child is Pitha Dosha I encourage the parents to feed them well lest they become too hungry and react with anger. They are hot-headed and have a sharp memory. They love challenging themselves and expect a lot from themselves and others.
  2. Vata: This is the ‘air’ Dosha. These people cannot sit still for long. They are restless and try to multitask. For example, they have  10+ tabs open on their laptop at a time. They think and plan a lot. They are also into creatives like dancing and singing. When Vata goes out of balance, they are constipated because they don’t drink enough water. They skip meals too.
  3. Kapha: This is the ‘water’ Dosha. These people are very complacent and patient. They are chilled out. They have a slow metabolism and that is why they gain weight and don’t lose it easily. They don’t like to work out. They are prone to hormonal issues, like thyroid, etc.

Shweta suggests that once you know your Doshas, act and eat accordingly. She also vouches that keeping your gut clean is the key. Lastly, Shweta recommends having a positive outlook towards life. A calmer mind also leads to a healthy body.

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