Check out these easy tips for achieving HOLISTIC immunity

Having a balanced diet is not enough for achieving holistic immunity. There are many other things to keep in mind to build immunity and have a holistic lifestyle. Have a look at some of these things to achieve holistic immunity.
Check out these easy tips for achieving HOLISTIC immunity Check out these easy tips for achieving HOLISTIC immunity
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With the pandemic, we all have realised the importance of building our immunity. We all are somewhere guilty of indulging in unhealthy habits and a sedentary lifestyle which has affected our immunity. So in times like these, it becomes essential to strengthen our immune system. 


When it comes to building immunity, most people feel that a balanced diet is the best way to achieve it. But for achieving holistic immunity, one needs to have a holistic lifestyle. From getting adequate sleep to taking care of your mental health, here are some tips for holistic immunity. 





One of the most important aspects of building immunity is to have a rich and balanced diet. Avoid processed foods and sugar that can affect your immunity and instead go for foods like sweet potato, green leafy vegetables, pumpkin, cruciferous vegetables etc. Have fruits like apples, guava, mangoes, pomegranate, oranges etc to boost your immunity.




To build immunity, getting an adequate amount of sleep is necessary. After being active and attentive the whole day, your body needs rest to get recharged and for you to wake up fresh the next morning. Not getting enough sleep can affect your immunity and can make you more prone to illnesses like flu, cold, cough etc.





Regular exercise helps in improving blood circulation, which helps the blood to carry essential nutrients, immune cells and oxygen to every cell. It is not always necessary to perform any rigorous form of exercise to improve blood circulation. You can improve it by doing simple and basic things like taking a walk, cycling, skipping or taking the stairs wherever possible.


Emotional well-being


Being stressed throughout the day can lower your immunity and can lead to illnesses like heart diseases, obesity etc. It can affect your health on various levels and cause hormonal imbalance. So to improve your emotional health, encourage positive emotions and stay happy and content.

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