Coffee with Coconut Oil: Here's why you should consume THIS concoction

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Coffee with Coconut Oil: Here's why you should consume THIS concoction

There are some morning rituals that almost all of us follow. For some having a hot cup of tea is morning ritual that they can never give up, while for others sipping a freshly brewed cup of coffee is something that helps them kick start their morning. And for most of us, coffee is something that's difficult to give up. Research also suggests that coffee has multiple side effects and hence one should consume it in moderation, but if you love coffee, then we have a piece of good news for you. Well, now you can have your cup of coffee without thinking twice. All you need to do is add some coconut oil to it and drink it. 


Confused? Read below to find out why coconut oil to your coffee is a good option and how it can benefit your health in multiple ways.


How to make this coffee?


Well, the method is quite simple. In a mug, add 2 tbsp of coconut oil and then pour hot coffee over it and stir it well and drink it shortly. 


Benefits of having this coffee: 


Good for metabolism:


Research suggests that coffee, when consumed with coconut oil, can help increase the level of good cholesterol in the body and give a boost to the metabolic rate. The fat content of the oil and the caffeine make this happen. 


Manages blood sugar levels:


When this amalgamation of coconut oil and coffee is consumed, it enhances the process of blood sugar regulation in the body by aiding your cells in binding with insulin in a more efficient way. The combination is considered effective in controlling blood sugar levels in the body and is good for diabetic people.


Good for digestion:


When consumed in moderation, this concoction improves the bowel movement and aid in soothing the gut more efficiently.


Boosts immunity:


Coffee has polyphenol antioxidants which help in preventing heart ailments and neurological illnesses. When consumed along with coconut oil, they promote antimicrobial properties which boost the immune system.