Colic in Babies: Symptoms and causes of this discomfort that parents need to know

Colic in infants is very common which is episodic crying that occurs intensely. Babies start to have this when they are 6 weeks of age. Here’s what parents should know about it.
Colic in Babies: Symptoms and causes of this discomfort that parents need to know
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Colic in babies is frequent, prolonged intense crying in healthy infants which even intimidates parents as well. They often get frustrated with this. Colic mainly occurs in babies who are 6 weeks old and stops occurring after they become 3 or 4 months. This generally takes place in the evening, when parents are tired as well.

There might be different reasons for colic or intense crying in babies. So, parents need to be patient during this time. Their baby will cry a lot, but they shouldn’t get panicked. So, here's what parents should know about it.

Colic in infants: How to handle this?

Symptoms of colic in babies

Symptoms of colic are as follows:

1.Intense crying that seems to be screaming sometimes.

2.Crying constantly for no apparent reason.

3.Extreme fussiness.

4.Reddening of the face or pale skin.

5.Bodily tension like stiffed legs and arms, tense abdomen, arched back, etc.

Causes of colic in infants

Causes of colic are unknown. And there are no specific reasons for colic. This actually happens due to numerous factors. Some of the possible contributing factors can be:

1.Imbalance of healthy bacteria.

2.Food allergies or intolerance.

3.Overfeeding or underfeeding.

4.Infrequent burping.

5.An early form of childhood migraine.

6.Stress or anxiety.


Colic doesn’t have any risk factors as such. But it can cause complications amongst parents like:

1.Increased risk of postpartum depression in mothers.

2.Feelings of guilt and helplessness.


Parents often shake their babies to calm them. Shaking a baby can cause brain damage to them. So, parents should always ask their paediatrician about soothing their crying baby.

When to call a doctor

When the crying is excessive and occurs for several hours, then you should call your doctor because maybe it is an indication of a serious illness that’s causing discomfort.

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