Coronavirus: Here are the dos and don’ts for wearing a mask to combat COVID 19

Updated on Mar 18, 2020 09:31 AM IST  |  832.6K
Coronavirus: Here are the dos and don’ts for wearing a mask to combat COVID 19
Coronavirus: Here are the dos and don’ts for wearing a mask to combat COVID 19

The outbreak of coronavirus, which has taken over the world, has claimed the third life in India today. The highly contagious virus has created a panic life situation globally and the World Health Organization has also declared it a pandemic. Amid this outbreak, WHO has issued precautionary measures to combat COVID-19 and prevent it from spreading. It has been advised that one should wash their hands with soap regularly, use sanitizers and maintain their personal hygiene to mitigate the novel coronavirus.

In fact, social distancing is also said to be the best way to keep coronavirus at bay. While the government has been shutting down all possible sites of crowd gathering like schools, colleges, theatres, religious sites and even historical monuments, public transports continue to run, wearing a mask has become a pivotal measure to prevent spreading this highly contagious virus especially if you are coughing or sneezing. After all, it will serve as your most important weapon to combat the virus and prevent it from affecting others. However, there are certain dos and don’ts which one needs to keep in mind while wearing a mask during this coronavirus outbreak:

Wear the mask properly and ensure there are no gaps

While wearing a mask make sure you cover your nose, mouth and chin properly. Make sure there are no gaps on either side to prevent the virus from getting in your body.

Change your mask after every six hours

Although wearing a mask is important, it is advisable to change your mask after a regular interval of six hours. In fact, one should change the mask as soon as it becomes wet.

Don’t leave the mask hanging with your neck

It is important not to touch the mask while using it. However, it is equally important no to leave it hanging with your neck as it will enhance the chances of spreading the virus.

Don’t touch the outer surface of the mask

While removing the mask, make sure you don’t touch the outer surface of the mask as it will be potentially contaminated. One has to be equally careful while removing the mask

Dispose of the used masks properly

It is advisable not to re-use a disposable mask and dispose of the used marks properly. Make sure to dispose of the masks in a closed dustbin to prevent it from spreading further.

Wash your hands after removing the mask

After removing the mask, make sure you wash your hands with soap or an alcohol based hand rub disinfectant to keep yourself safe from novel coronavirus.