Coronavirus: THIS is how people with skin conditions can wash hands

Updated on Mar 18, 2020 01:55 PM IST  |  610.5K
Coronavirus: THIS is how people with skin conditions can wash hands
Coronavirus: THIS is how people with skin conditions can wash hands

Coronavirus is spreading fast, and India has also registered 128 cases so far, out of which three people have died. While there are multiple things that people are doing to protect themselves from the virus, there's one thing that the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centre for Disease Control (CDC) is asking people to do, and that is washing hands frequently. 


Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is the best way to get rid of bacterias; however, excess usage of soap can dry out the hands and can cause skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It is also harmful to people with skin conditions. So, if you have some skin conditions, here's how you can take care of your skin even after washing it multiple times a day. 


Here are some tips that can help you have good skin in spite of washing it multiple times with water. 


Moisturise your hands:



The constant use of soap makes the hands dry and causes flaky skin. To avoid this, it's better to use a moisturiser every time you wash your hands. If you feel that your hands are dry apply moisturiser immediately. 


Dry your hands fully:



Water also affects your hands in multiple ways. It reduces the amount of oil in your skin; hence, it is important to dry your hands after washing them. Moreover, infections are more likely to fester and spread from wet hands.


Find substitutes:



Some moisturisers contain antibacterial ingredients and can be used to sanitise your hands. Some also lather and can be used as a substitute to soaps. These will be gentler on the skin and will prevent them from drying or cracking. 


Wear gloves or latex while performing chores:



You have to use soap to wash your hands, but you can reduce the contact with other such drying agents like the dish-wash or shampoo. It is prudent to wear gloves when performing daily chores that involve the use of water or soap. It reduces the number of times soaps have a drying effect on your hands and keeps them softer for longer.


Take precautions:



Don't wait for your hands to dry and skin to become flaky, apply moisturise and keep the tips in mind since it will surely save you from the pain of bare, irritated hands, especially if you already have an underlying skin condition.