Coronavirus Outbreak: THESE are the productive things you can do while being quarantined at home

Due to coronavirus, most of us are working from home and are on self-quarantine. If you are one self-quarantine too, then these are some productive things you can do that home to make the most of it.
Coronavirus Outbreak: THESE are the productive things you can do while being quarantined at home
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The first case of Coronavirus was registered in the city of Wuhan, China, in December 2019, and since then over 170 countries have tested positive. Many countries and states have ordered to shut the gym, malls and theatres so that its citizens travel less. They have also made sure to create an awareness to urge people to work from home and avoid unnecessary travel. Looking at the current scenario, many companies have allowed work from home for their employees, which is giving them a chance of self- quarantine and social distancing. 


While quarantine time is a blessing in disguise since we get to spend time with our families and focus more on our well being, there are certain things we need to pay attention to since we are at home now.


Here is a list of things you can do to stay productive at home while enjoying some time off travelling. 


Revamp your wardrobe:


Since you have some time in your hands, make sure to refine and declutter your wardrobe. You can remove the clothes you don't need anymore or simply rearrange everything in your wardrobe. 


Work on your health:


Since you don't have to travel to work, plan a diet and work on it daily. Plan your workout routine from home, eat freshly cut salads and you can also prepare some healthy meals for yourself. 


Clean the house:


Sometimes, we get so busy with work that we don't get enough time to clean our house. And now since you are working from home, it's time to keep your house spic and span. Pay attention to the corners of the house and clean them right away. 


Develop a new hobby:


Getting extra time at home is probably a big bonus for all of us. Utilize this time and develop a new hobby. Learn dancing, cooking or anything you've always wanted to learn but couldn't because of time constraint. 


Maintain a diary:

If you've always wanted to write a journal, now is the time to start with it. Make sure to write something daily in a diary and practice it continuously so that you can do it even after you resume work in the office.


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