Coronavirus Scare: When will the novel coronavirus pandemic end?

As novel coronavirus spreads, people only have one question - when will coronavirus end? Read on to know more.
Health & Fitness,Coronavirus,COVID-19,Coronavirus VaccineCoronavirus Scare: When will the novel coronavirus pandemic end?
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The novel coronavirus has officially been declared a pandemic. Multiple cases of transmission are reported every day, instilling a feeling of fear in people. Even the most prominent celebrities around the world are affected by the virus and being quarantined. As major events are cancelled, schools, workplaces, offices and restaurants are shut down, people only have one question about the disease – when will the catastrophe end? That’s a critical question that the world and health experts are trying to tackle.

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When will coronavirus end?

Honestly, not much report has been published regarding the topic as the virus is completely new. But some experts have spoken on the issue.

William Haseltine, president of the global health think tank ACCESS Health International told The Daily Beast that there are a few ways that might put a stop to the pandemic.

According to him, the disease could end with the change in weather, or scientists might develop a vaccine to eradicate the virus completely, or drugs will help in the treatment and may prevent the virus from spreading.

Let’s break these points one by one to see how these might work or not.

How can weather change effect Coronavirus?

In winters, the air is dry which is a more favourable condition for the transmission of a virus in temperate regions. In tropical areas, the rainy season is more favourable. Melatonin and vitamin D levels increases in summer, which helps boost the immune system and fight certain viruses. However, Officials of the World Health Organization are still investigating if humid weather can help wipe out the virus or not.

Is there a vaccine available? 

The worldwide hunt for a vaccine is going on as the virus surges. It is what the people are desperately waiting for. It will not only cure the ones affected but also prevent people from getting sick in the future. As the first person is injected with trial coronavirus vaccine in the USA on Tuesday, experts claim that it will still take a few months to know if the vaccine will work.

What treatment is available? 

Since there is no vaccine available yet to fight the developing COVID-19, doctors and health experts are giving a supportive treatment based on what is given to a patient when they suffer from a viral infection or the flu.

What you should do?

The best way to keeping the disease at bay is by practising the following precautionary measures laid down by WHO:

1 Wash your hands frequently and do not touch your face with your hands.

2 Keep at least 6 ft distance between you and the person coughing or sneezing.

3 Seek medical care if you have fever, cough and difficulty in breathing.

4. Stay updated and informed. Beware of fake news.

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