Coronavirus Symptoms Day By Day: HERE’s how the virus develops and shows different symptoms gradually

According to different medical reports, coronavirus shows its symptoms gradually day by day. So, here’s how different symptoms start to show up and the condition of the patient changes.
Coronavirus Symptoms Day By Day: HERE’s how the virus develops and shows different symptoms gradually
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Several studies are being done on coronavirus and one common symptom has been noted in it. Fever is the most common one at the onset of the disease followed by a breathing problem and dry cough. Then these symptoms start to evolve day-by-day. 

So, studies show how COVID-19 spreads day-by-day showing different symptoms. Read below to know. 

Coronavirus symptoms day by day:

Day 1: 88 Percent of infected people will have fever and tiredness. Some also have muscle pain and a dry cough. 

Day 2-4: Fever persists along with the cough. 

Day 5: From day 5 breathing problem starts. This mainly happens if the person already has breathing conditions or is older. 

Day 6: Breathing difficulty, fever and cough persist on this day. Some people have reported having chest tightening feelings. 

Day 7: If some people experience chest pain, breathing problems and bluish lips or face, then they need to be admitted to hospital. 

Day 8-9: According to some reports, 15 percent of infected people will develop the symptoms of ARD (acute respiratory distress syndrome) on this day. 

Day 10: If breathing problems worsen on this day, then the patient should be taken to an intensive care unit. 

Day 12: For most people, fever ends on this day but some have a cough. 

Day 13-14: During this time, breathing problems will also get relieved. 

Day 18: Patients who do not survive the virus, generally have 18 ½ days on average from the onset of symptoms until death. 


1.Age is a strong risk factor for severe illness, complications and death. 

2.On average, the hospital stay is generally for 10 days.

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