Coronavirus In India: Tips to isolate and quarantine yourself if you feel sick

COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire and it's best to take precautionary measures if you begin to feel sick and isolate yourself and prevent it from spreading; Read on
Coronavirus In India: Tips to isolate and quarantine yourself if you feel sickCoronavirus In India: Tips to isolate and quarantine yourself if you feel sick
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As the confirmed coronavirus cases go up in India, people have started taking as many precautionary and preventive measures as possible. It is important for people to take steps to contain this virus and prevent it from spreading further. Schools, colleges, malls, restaurants all other public places are shutting down in order to stop this virus from spreading. Workplaces have started allowing people to work from home to prevent this contagious virus from infecting other people. 

Many people are falling sick after coming in contact with people infected with COVID-19 and it is important for people who come in contact with sick people to take precautionary steps and self-quarantine and isolate themselves from the world to stop this cycle. Anyone who has a cough, cold and any signs of this disease may be at high risk and should take essential steps to reduce the risk of infecting the people around them and quarantine themselves.

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Anyone who shares a household with a person sick with signs of flu or COVID-19 or has come in contact with anyone who might be infected with Coronavirus or even if anyone has travelled or shared the same space as a COVID-19 case might be at high risk. 

Here are some tips to quarantine yourself at home. 

1. It's very important to separate yourself from your family members as well as your pets. Stay away from your family and stay in a separate room and a separate bathroom and toilet. 

2. Wear a face mask when you step out to see a doctor or travel or go to any place where you may share space with any other person. Always wear a mask even when you're around your family and friends to prevent them from being at risk. 

3. Be careful with your hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose while sneezing. Use a tissue to wipe your mouth and nose and throw away the tissue immediately after using it. Remember to use a garbage bag to line your bin where you dispose of the used tissues. Wash your hands every now and then with handwash for at least 30 seconds. Always carry a hand sanitizer. 

4. Keep your utensils separate and do not mix them with anyone else's. Don't wash the utensils together or with the same soap. Clean them yourself after using and disinfect them. 

5. Keep your towel, bedding and clothes separately. Do not mix them with the rest of the family when washing and disinfect them while washing. Remember to clean the bathroom as well after using with a good bathroom and toilet cleaner. 

6. Limit your movement within because when you move around the house you come in contact with the household items and put the rest of the family members at high risk of getting infected. 

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