COVID 19: Follow THESE precautions at your workplace

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COVID 19: Follow THESE precautions at your workplace

The second wave of the pandemic is deadlier and scarier than the first one. The cases are rising and many associated infections like Black fungus are spreading in COVID-19 patients. During such times, there are many people who have to go to the office for work. Since most offices have cubicles or desks close to each other and the office itself is a closed space, it is essential for you to take some precautions at your workplace.


From wearing a mask to sanitising your daily use items, have a look at some precautions that you should take at your workplace to protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus.




Wear a mask


Wear a mask whenever you step out of the house. Even after entering the office, do not remove your mask or lower it to talk to someone. Wear it at all times. Only remove it when you have to drink or eat something. 


Maintain social distancing


Since the office is a closed space and the desks can be close to each other, try your best to maintain social distance when you interact with people. Make sure to not be in a room with too many people and don’t touch or shake hands with people in the office. 





From the coffee mug handle to your phone, sanitise each and everything that you touch frequently. If you have to use the coffee machine or press the lift button then try to sanitise it or wipe it with a disinfectant wipe before touching it.


Practice good hand hygiene


Keep a sanitiser with you and whenever you touch something that has been touched by other people, do sanitise your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser.  Also, wash your hands before eating or drinking something. 


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