COVID 19: Know the side effects of mixing two vaccine shots

Are you curious to know what happens when two COVID vaccine shots are mixed? Then have a look at the side effects of blending two different shots.
COVID 19: Know the side effects of mixing two vaccine shots COVID 19: Know the side effects of mixing two vaccine shots
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Covishield and Covaxin are currently the two kinds of vaccinations that are being given to people in India to protect them against the COVID 19 virus. As the body gets busy producing antibodies, it is normal for the person to experience some side effects. The side effects of both these vaccines can include fever, chills, nausea, fatigue, headache and soreness or pain in the arm. These side effects usually last for a day or two. 


But what kind of side effects take place when two shots of COVID vaccines are mixed? A recently conducted research by the University of Oxford reported in The Lancet medical journal that people who got the first dose of AstraZeneca Plc’s shot followed by Pfizer Inc.’s vaccine four weeks later reported more short-lived side effects, most of them mild. 

Researchers and public health officials are examining strategies such as blending two different shots as many low- and middle-income nations try to figure out how to cope with vaccine scarcity. Such assurances of mixing the shots would make the job of the government easier to manage the stockpiles and give more insight.


It was reported that there weren’t any safety issues as such and the stronger side effects of vaccination vanished after a few days. The research showed that around 10 percent of the participants who got mixed shots, reported severe fatigue as compared with about 3 percent of those participants who got a single type of vaccine. All these participants were aged 50 and over. 

The mixed regime is known as a heterologous boost. Researchers believe that not every vaccine can work effectively when mixed, but when the target is the same, i.e the virus’ spike protein, then it can be done. Further, they are also testing a wider dosing interval of 12 weeks between shots and plan to expand the research to encompass vaccines from Moderna Inc. and Novavax Inc.


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