COVID 19: THESE are the things that you should NOT do after getting vaccinated

Updated on Jun 27, 2021 04:25 PM IST  |  210.2K
COVID 19: THESE are the things that you should NOT do after getting vaccinated

While the COVID-19 virus has left no stone unturned in changing the way we live and restricting our lives, the vaccine has come as a glimmer of hope! The COVID-19 vaccine has made us realise that this nightmare will come to an end and we will eventually be able to go out freely, without a mask hopefully!


The second phase of vaccination has begun and more and more people are getting vaccinated everyday. After getting the vaccine, the most common question that people have is if they can let go of all the pandemic precautions and return to normalcy. 

So here’s a list of things that you should not do after getting vaccinated.


1. It is perfectly normal to feel tired and low on energy, after getting vaccinated. So don’t force yourself to do your daily chores or work out. Take the day off and take plenty of rest.


2. After getting vaccinated, you sure are more protected than before from the COVID-19 virus. So you will be safer in public places as compared to the people who aren’t vaccinated. But this doesn’t mean that you can roam around without a mask. So continue wearing masks, follow social distancing and avoid going to large-sized gatherings.



3. After getting vaccinated, your body needs time to develop antibodies and build immunity against the COVID-19 virus. So you have a high chance of getting infected by the virus in the few days immediately after vaccination. So continue to take precautions and do not venture out without a mask.


4. After getting your first dose of vaccination, make sure that you don’t lose your vaccination card, i.e. the certificate. In order to be eligible for the second dose, you will need the certificate as proof. Also, after the second dose, you will need the certificate to travel freely. So make sure to not lose it or throw it away


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