Covid Tips: Dietician, Gauri Anand suggests an ultimate diet plan for a speedy Covid recovery

As we are still battling out the second wave of the deadly coronavirus, dietician, Gauri Anand, shares with us a diet plan with few tips to recover from the Covid infection at a faster pace. Find out more.
Covid recovery diet Diet plan and tips for a speedy Covid recovery
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Good nutrition is the most important for maintaining good health, particularly at this point of time when the immune system is facing difficulty and is in a weaker state after being contaminated with the deadliest coronavirus.

When the body is fighting an infection, it naturally needs more energy and fluids, hence it is crucial to charge your immune system with the right amount of nutrients than the body usually requires. You must adhere to a strict diet and a healthy lifestyle, especially if you have recently recovered from COVID-19. 

There are so many food items that can accelerate the recovery process. Coronavirus is known to affect your immune system extremely, so it is important to get your immunity back by consuming the right food items. Here are a few of them are listed below as shared by a dietician, Gauri Anand.

A good portion of fruits and vegetables

They are a great source of dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Include all fruits and vegetables like apple, banana, oranges, palak, methi and other leafy vegetables in your diet. People who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables as part of their natural diet have better inborn immunity, and they will be able to fight the infection in a much better way.

Stay hydrated

Covid can severely dehydrate the body. So, it’s evident that you rehydrate your body when you are recovering from Covid by having 8-10 glasses of water every day. Water is definitely the best choice, but you can also consume other drinks like fruit juices and vegetable juices that contain water. Set a target for yourself to drink two jugs of water each day and remember soups, supplement drinks and milk are also highly beneficial. You can also have healthy smoothies. 

Lots of protein food

Consume 75-85 grams of protein every day. Protein intake remains the most important through all phases during an illness to protect the body against muscle loss and to repair the damage done to the muscles and tissues. Protein boosts the immune system in the most effective way. They also provide energy to help a patient overcome post-COVID weakness. You can add lentils, whole grains, dairy products, soy products, chicken, eggs, fish, nuts and seeds to your diet to combat the deadly coronavirus.

Immunity booster drinks

You can add herbal drinks to your morning routine for boosting your immunity. This can include kadha, herbal tea, green tea and lemon tea.

Here are some suggestions to combat the post Covid fatigue:


Yes, we know that exercising can be difficult when you're in the recovery phase because your body must be weak. But you need to start with just 15 minutes of workout and you can gradually increase the time. The exercises can be a mix of Yoga and brisk walk post meals.

Healthy eating routine

To speed up the recovery, you need to start having a nutrient and supplement rich meal regimen. You can include foods in your diet that are packed with protein like paneer, tofu, eggs, and green vegetables, fibre rich food to compensate for the lost appetite. Try to have foods that are cooked and simple to process for the body.

Lookout for any alarming signals

If the fatigue does not improve or even if it's a bad headache, it is essential to keep a note of signs that your body may not be approving of something. In such a case, always consult a doctor.

Slow down and stay calm

There is no rush to get back to your normal routine right after you test negative. Spend time with yourself and listen to what your body is trying to communicate. Small steps will help you to transition to your old everyday routine and be healthy again.

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