Cow milk vs Buffalo milk: Which is better for you?

It is common knowledge that milk is a highly nutritious and healthy drink to incorporate into your diet. The 2 most popular types of milk are buffalo milk and cow milk, check out some ways in which these two are different from each other.
Cow milk vs Buffalo milk: Which is better for you?
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Milk is an essential part of a healthy diet. It is rich in Vitamin D and calcium, which is good for the bones and teeth. It is also packed with protein, carbohydrates, minerals and healthy fats. Among the different types of milk, cow milk and buffalo milk are one of the most widely consumed.

Cow milk and buffalo milk are different from each other in many ways, including richness and composition. Have a look at more such ways in which these two types of milk differ from each other. 


Buffalo milk is white in colour and has a creamy and thick consistency. Due to the presence of beta carotene that is converted to Vitamin A, which has no colour, whereas cow milk has a yellowish-white colour. 


The reason why buffalo milk is thicker and creamier than cow milk is because of the increased amount of fat present in it. While the former has 7-8 percent of fat present in it, the latter has 3-4 percent of fat. 

Shelf life

Shelf-life is the period of time that a food may be stored before it starts to deteriorate or become potentially unsafe. Cow milk must be consumed within a day or two, while buffalo milk is said to have a longer shelf life as compared to cow milk.


Buffalo milk has a lower amount of cholesterol present in it in comparison to cow milk. Thus, people suffering from medical problems like obesity, hypertension, heart diseases, kidney diseases, etc. should opt for buffalo milk instead of cow milk.




In spite of the difference between the two, both buffalo milk and cow milk are healthy and packed with essential nutrients. So, the type of milk to choose from the two entirely depends on your individual preference and requirements.


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