Cow Milk vs Goat Milk: What is the difference between the two and the health benefits of it?

Cow milk vs Goat milk: Want to know what is the difference between the two and their nutritional profile and health benefits? Then read on.
Health & Fitness,Cow Milk vs Goat MilkCow Milk vs Goat Milk: What is the difference between the two and the health benefits of it?
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Goat milk cheeses such as chevre and feta are also quite popular and used generously in several dishes, however, many do not know that most of us prefer drinking goat milk? Did you know 65% of the world's population drink Goat's milk? Yes, that's right as it tastes better in comparison to others and has chock-full of nutrients such as carbohydrates protein fat, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin D and C among others. Speaking of cow milk, this parictular milk is difficult to digest and that's why many people avoid drinking the same. They are also high in allergens and lactose which can negatively impact the digestive and other systems. Talking about goat milk, it is not only nutrient-dense but also quite tasty and less inflammatory, has fewer allergens and easier to digest as well. And that's why many diets such as low-carb, keto and paleo diet recommend goat milk. In addition to above-mentioned benefits, goat milk also provides around 30 per cent more heart-healthy monounsaturated fat than cow’s milk.

Speaking of the issues, one of the problems with goat milk is that is more expensive than cow milk in several places. Also, its availability is an issue. On the other hand, cow milk is not only inexpensive but also easily available. Also, many people stick to cow's milk as the nutritional profile is quite similar to goat's and they have the ubiquitous taste of the milk which is not the case with goat milk.

Read on to know their nutritional profile and host of health benefits then you can decide which is good for you.

Goat milk's nutritional profile and health benefits

Goat milk boasts an amazing nutritional profile and is linked to a host of health benefits. Right from vitamins such as A, D, C and D to vital minerals like calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin, the milk is packed with a multitude of nutrients that are important for our body. It’s rich in medium-chain fatty acids which are heart-friendly type of fat. Also, goat milk has less sodium and carbs in comparison to others. 


Easy to digest

Fewer Allergens 

Less Inflammatory

High in Calcium and protein

Aids to reduce cholesterol levels

Helps to enhance skin quality

Aids in nutrient absorption

Cow milk's nutritional profile and health benefits

A cup of whole cow milk has around 3.25 % of milk fat. It has 149 calories and around 7.9 g fat and 4.6 g of saturated fat. Whole milk is a great source of Vitamin D and A, protein and carbohydrates and calcium among others.


Good for bones, teeth and muscles

helps in growth in kids

Improves brain health 

Lower fat than buffalo milk

Aids in Weight loss

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