Cycling VS Running: Which one is better for your health?

Is running or cycling better for staying in shape? Read on to know which form of exercise is better for you to keep your vitals in check.
Health & Fitness,Benefits of Cycling,Benefits of RunningCycling VS Running: Which one is better for your health?
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What gets your heart pumping – running or cycling? Both are different forms of aerobic exercises that are beneficial for your health. They’re both exercises that people enjoy around the world and incorporate in their daily life to meet their fitness goals. But have you wondered which one of these exercises is better for you? While you don’t need to pick sides or indulge in one kind of exercise, but it's important to understand the difference to pick the one that will be the most effective for you. 

Of course, there is plenty to love about running. For starters, it is cheaper, great for burning the stubborn fat and works great with other exercises as well. But in the ongoing debate, it is only fair to compare the benefits of cycling and running to understand what works better for you. 

Cycling Vs. Running 

Which one will help you burn more calories? 

The calories you burn depends on the intensity and time of each exercise. In general, running burns more calories than cycling as it uses more muscles and gets your heart rate up. However, since cycling is less intense, you might be able to do it for longer periods. 

Which one will help you build and tone the muscles? 

When it comes to building muscles, cycling will help you build muscles in your lower half. It might even help your top half to some extent. Running, on the contrary, doesn't help with building muscles but it can help you develop stronger toned muscles. You might be able to achieve a toned body if you run for longer intervals at a slower pace. 

Which one is better for weight loss? 

Well, you can lose weight by practising any of the two forms of exercise. At the end of the day, weight loss is all about calorie balance. Combined with the right exercises and diet, both running and cycling can help you get rid of the stubborn fat. 

Which one is better for heart health? 

Aerobic exercises, in general, help improve cardiovascular health by helping the heart pump oxygen more efficiently than it does. According to experts, doing 5 hours a week of vigorous exercise is enough to keep your heart health in check. 

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Anonymous 6 days ago

Useless article. Wasted my time.

Anonymous 7 days ago

Cycling is the best of the two - Experiential LEARNING:-)

Anonymous 7 days ago

I do cycling for 30 minutes every day to burn my thigh fat ,is that ok? N i suffer with leg cramps at night due to cycling

Anonymous 7 days ago

Cycling is better on knee joints than running constantly. With running you are more likely to get multiple things injured unlike cycling when it comes to the legs.

Anonymous 7 days ago

I'm a 78 year old male. and I've been cycling for exercise (never competitively) every day for around an hour for nearly 40 years. My blood pressure is around 120/80. I'm the odd man out among my friends, most of whom have had knees and hips replaced. They've also been quite athletic in their youth - tennis, squash, football, etc., sports which put a lot of pressure and twisting on the joints. I confess to being a cycling addict. I love getting out on my bike, and I've just bought a new one which is faster than my old one.

Anonymous 1 week ago

Is it fair to say, 5 hours a week? Please advise. I am trying to learn. Thank you

Anonymous 1 week ago

No. One hour is enough. Also it depends upon the age.

Anonymous 1 week ago

"...doing 5 hours of vigorous exercise is enough to keep your heart health in check." 5 hours a week? Month? Year? Certainly not a day, right?

Anonymous 1 week ago

150 minutes 30×5 for cardiovascular health, 45 × 5 for fitness and 60 ×5 for weight loss, obviously for weight loss needs proper diet also

Anonymous 1 week ago

In a week.

Anonymous 1 week ago

Per day. And you'll LIKE it.

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