Deepika Padukone shares easy and effective tips to cope with mental health during COVID 19

Deepika Padukone shared a mental health wellness guide on Instagram that will help people safeguard their mental health during the lockdown.
Deepika Padukone,mental health,Health & Fitness,covid 19Deepika Padukone shares easy and effective tips to cope with mental health during COVID 19
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As COVID-19 continues to spread, it is crucial to maintain your mental health. Taking care of your physical and mental health at times like these, when a pandemic has taken the world by a storm, is even more important. And what’s better when the motivation and inspiration come from the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Deepika Padukone, a great actress and mental health survivor who was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2014. 

The Chhapaak actress recently shared a wellness guide where she talks about the ways to protect yourself from mental health. The ‘Wellness Guide’ is a new feature of Instagram to keep people inspired during the catastrophe that has befallen the world. Padukone was recently facilitated with the Crystal Award for her remarkable work in the mental health field. She strongly believes that mental health should be taken as seriously as physical health. She has also found The Live Love Laugh Foundation in 2015 to help people suffering from depression and anxiety. 

Check out the mental health tips Deepika Padukone shared on her Instagram.

1. Self-love and self-care 

Padukone shared that it is as important to take care of yourself as it is to support other people at times like these. 

2. Tips to manage mental health 

She shared a quick video on some tips to address mental health. Acknowledging your own fears, knowing you’re not alone, communicating, being mindful of your mental health and getting enough sleep are some of the ways you can keep your health in check. 

3. Do what you love 

She loves to organise her space which helps her to stay calm. You can do whatever you want that works for you. 

4. Have a routine 

The pandemic might have affected your daily life, but find a way to stick to a routine to stay healthy. Having a fixed wake-up time, mealtime, workout schedule can help. Make a plan and stick to it. 

5. Hone a skill 

Since we have more time in our hands than we used to, utilize it to learn a new skill. For Deepika, it’s cooking. “I’ve always found cooking therapeutic and I’ve been using some of this time to do just that! Are there any hobbies you find relaxing?” she wrote. 

6. Enjoy nature’s beauty 

The Padamaavat actress says that “looking up at the sky, listening to the birds chirp, connecting with nature” helps her feel grounded and energized. 

8. Meditate and exercise 

Meditation and exercise are great ways to keep yourself healthy, calm and fit. Just like Padukone stated, regular exercise can have an extremely positive impact on your physical and mental health. 

7. Stay connected with your loved ones 

“My state of calm comes from connecting with the people I am closest to.” Spend as much time as you can with your family and friends, even if it's only virtually. 

9. Listen to music 

Who doesn’t love listening to music? Music has a way to calm you down and relax your mind. 

10. Coping with stress and anxiety 

It is important to build strength and resilience in times of stress by transforming the current period into a time for self-growth. 

11. Don’t be ashamed 

Deepika writes, “If you are feeling stressed or anxious, do not hesitate to seek the support of a qualified mental health professional.” She shared this with a hashtag #NotAshamed.

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Anonymous 2 weeks ago


Anonymous 2 weeks ago

It's high time deepika and katrina spare ranbir and let him breathe. They have defamed him enough.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

attention !!!!!

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

These are all common sense ideas that mentally healthy people already use without having to pay a therapist for them which apparently is news to Deepika. She clearly didn’t use them during the 7 years she was unhealthily targeting her X and his GF to ruin their careers reputation and relationship while at the same time expressing her desire and love for him in the face of her BF.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

No because she has no credibility. She never displays good mental health only clever PR sound bites.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

ya perhaps ! But coming from DP ...a celebrity..makes a larger reach ! Aint that common sense too

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Her tips are valid. Keeping a journal also helps. Self compassion is also very important. Be kind to yourself. Don't talk negatively to yourself. Also self love includes setting boundaries with people who bring drama, toxic behaviour and negative vibes.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

sitting in her faancy house... eating her f**king nutella!!! a**h**e we dont even have access to things that are "BASIC" for you.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

No she is getting it back bcoz of her manipulation’s and big mouth ppl r not idiots u know....

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

What a weird soul here ! You are speaking about Deepika Padukone here....but seems u are virtually deluded with Antonia maino seeking for basics...!!! Get a life ! She is rich and has earned every bit by her talent/hardword/commitment and ofcourse good luck ! i And looks like u are one ungrateful soul who has even the internet access to post this bad lines ...while this basic for u...people below poverty line have no access to internet in that way are u also the same that u blame DP for ... !!

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

How is it her fault? If she is not relatable then move on. You are projecting your own frustrations on her. Life is not fair and in order to deal with tough times you must change your mindset instead of shaming others for having more than you.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Thank God she didn't talk about depression abd her breakup. Ranbir is already getting so much of hate from katrina fans. Deepika fans have already targeted ranbir for her depression in past. I hope scores are settled now. Now Deepika and Katrina fans should leave Ranbir with Alia.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Sure let me know the name of the one u r consulting Deepika...

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Do u think she n that joker husband of hers would let things be...losers....if any one can take on this PR joker then it’s Only and only Sonam....

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Ranbir you need to see a doctor

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Thanks deepika brainless Alia needs it asap

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

No first U need it!

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