Diabetes: Here's how Guava can help you to manage blood sugar levels

Diabetes has become a global issue and following a good diet can help you manage the blood levels. Read below to find out how guava can help you manage blood sugar levels in the body.
Diabetes: Here's how Guava can help you to manage blood sugar levelsDiabetes: Here's how Guava can help you to manage blood sugar levels
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Modern lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and irregular or lack of exercise can not only cause multiple health issues, but it's also one of the main factors that cause or trigger diabetes. Diabetes affects millions of people annually and is one of the causes of deaths globally. Diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar. As a result, blood sugar is not able to enter the cells for storage, which leads to an abnormal spike in its level in the body. High sugar diet and bad lifestyle are also responsible for diabetes. But some food items can help to manage blood sugar levels in the body, and one such item is Guava. Guava's nutrient composition makes it an excellent food for a diabetes diet. 


Read below to find out how incorporating Guava in your daily diet and can help you manage levels in the body. 


Guava is rich in fibre:


Fibre is essential to keep the blood sugar levels in check. It takes a long time to digest and is not released into the bloodstream quickly. And guava is packed with fibre and hence is good for diabetics. 


Low in calories:


Being low in calories, guava also helps with weight management. Obesity is another factor that causes high blood sugar. Research suggests that 100 gm of the fruit contains just 68 calories and just 8.92 gm natural sugar.


Filled with Vitamin C:


Not orange, but Guava is the best source of vitamin C. It has 4 times the vitamin C content found in oranges. The nutrient is beneficial in building the immunity system of the body and helping it fight lasting diseases like diabetes.


Guava has low sodium and high potassium:


One of the requirements of a diabetes diet is that the food should be low in sodium. And Guava fits the bill and has 417 gm per 100 gm of potassium content. 


Guava is a low glycaemic index:


This means that it is digested and absorbed gradually and affects a gradual rise in glucose level.


So if you are suffering from diabetes, then adding Guava to your diet is a great idea. Eat it raw or juice it, but do remember to stock up on guavas this winter season.

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