Diet: Diet tips women in their 30's should follow for best health

If you are in your thirties, then these are some diet tips that you should follow now. These diet tips will not only help you achieve your weight loss goal, but will also keep you energetic throughout.
Diet: Diet tips women in their 30's should follow for best health
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Following a healthy diet and leading a good lifestyle has become essential today. When it comes to nutrition, many people confuse it with diet, and to lose a few kgs they compromise on the food rich in vitamins, potassium, calcium and zinc. They don't realize that dieting should be done to achieve a healthy body and not just to drop some weight. When it comes to food, malnutrition is one of India's biggest challenges. And after that vitamin deficiencies are also one of the major health concerns across the country. 


Vitamin deficiencies are more prevalent among women in India. Women are doing so much in every field, but while achieving so much professionally, they tend to ignore their health at times. And if you are a woman in your thirties and are feeling extremely stressed, sluggish and sleepless - well you are not alone. There are many like you, and to help you improve your lifestyle, here are a few tips that you should follow now. 


Hydration is the key:


Drinking water at regular intervals is a must. Since you work a lot and have so many responsibilities, you often forget to hydrate yourself, which then causes dehydration. Hence, drinking at least 3 litres of water is a must. It is good for your skin, metabolism and weight loss. Start your day with warm water and honey; it'll do wonders for your metabolism.


Go all out with colourful fruits and veggies:


Fruits and vegetables are filled with antioxidants. Include all sorts of fruits and veggies in your diet. Through different coloured fruits and veggies, you can get antioxidants of different kinds. 


Don't eliminate food items from your diet:


Taking dieting tips from friends, family, and the internet is okay, but making any major changes in your diet can hamper your health. Hence, it's always advisable to consult your doctor before eliminating major food groups from your diet. Everything in moderation is essential and hence striking out anything in the name of weight loss is not appropriate. 


Add enough Vitamin D and calcium to your diet:


When you are in your thirties, your bone health starts to decay. To make sure that your bone and teeth are healthy enough, you should add enough calcium and vitamin D-rich food in your diet. Calcium-rich foods like milk, cheese, dates and figs should be added to your diet. 


Iron-rich food is essential:


Research states that lakhs of women in India suffer from anemia. Anemia is a condition where your blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells. And a major reason for anemia is less intake of iron-rich foods. To increase the iron levels in your body add beans, peas, green vegetables, poultry and raisins. 


Keep these things in mind, and rock your thirties, just like you rocked your twenties. 

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