Diet: Things to keep in mind while following a low carb diet

Updated on Sep 05, 2019 10:32 AM IST  |  1.7M
Diet: Things to keep in mind while following a low carb diet
Diet: Things to keep in mind while following a low carb diet

If you are someone who is planning to lose weight from quite a while now, then I am sure you might've come across several diets which claim that following it will help you lose those extra kgs. But sadly the overwhelming information about diets not only confuse us, but it also shifts our focus from healthy living to losing weight. With a plethora of diets available on the internet, we fail to understand that shedding extra kgs isn't the goal of weight loss, approaching a healthy lifestyle and focusing on your overall well being is the main goal for weight loss. 


A healthy diet needs all the nutrients, including the good fats and necessary carbs that help the body function effectively. And when it comes to an Indian meal, it's usually packed with all nutrients including carbohydrates. Yes, carbs are vital for the body, but we tend to forget about the quality and quantity of carbs that we should consume daily. And when we plan to follow a diet, we often eliminate carbs without realising that our body needs carbs for functioning. So instead of eliminating carbs include low carbs food items in your diet. From cottage cheese to broccoli, bottle gourd, beans and spinach, these are some of the best options for a low-carb diet. 


If you are planning to follow a low carb diet then, here are a few things that you should keep in mind. 


Combine proteins with your low-carb diet:


A perfect meal should have a good amount of complex carbs and proteins. Complex carbs are not only low in calories, but they are also rich in fibre. And this combination of carbs and proteins like chicken, pulses, fish and beans, makes an ideal low-carb meal option.

Think and choose:


It's all about choosing the right carbs for your body. The type of carbs we include in our diet plays an important role in weight loss. Avoid carbs in refined grains, sugar or sugary products and choose healthier sources of carbs found in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and beans.

Include fat:


Following a low-carb diet already reduces your carb intake, hence make sure to add healthy fats to your diet. Good fats in avocado, olive oil and nuts will not only keep you full for long but will make up for the carbs our body is used to.

However, before following any diet, you must consider your age, health conditions (if you have any) and discuss your diet with a doctor before following it.