Diwali 2020: Dr Siddhant Bhargava talks about simple ways to balance your diet during the festival

Updated on Nov 14, 2020 06:27 PM IST  |  815.4K
Healthy Diet in Diwali
Diwali 2020: Dr Siddhant Bhargava talks about simple ways to balance your diet during the festival

Trays of sugar-loaded laddoos and bowls of sugary jalebis or plates of fried pooris with ghee-laden curries- the appetizing festive delicacies can be hard to say no to. Diwali unavoidably comes with the tempting tag of indulging in high-calorie savouries and sweets. Diet plans and trim waistlines tend to go for a toss.

Post the celebration, guilt tends to seep in as you feel overstuffed and lethargic. One way to evade that is to not give in to temptation and revel in the sweet treats but in moderation. Portion control, a balanced diet and following a controlled fitness regime all through the festive season will safeguard you for your well-being. So, Dr Siddhant Bhargava, Fitness and Nutritional Scientist, Co-Founder of Food Darzee, shares exclusive tips to balance your diet this Diwali.

Simple ways to balance your diet during Diwali:

Home-cooked edibles are healthier

You must consider eating delicacies that have been cooked with healthier ingredients at home. For example, devouring on multi-grain laddoos or kheer made from healthy substitutes for sugar like jaggery, dates, or low-fat milk kheer will help to strike a balance in your diet. Give fried edibles a miss by opting for steamed, roasted or baked snacks. These home-cooked sweets and savouries will facilitate in controlling your fat intake.


Making sweets with healthy ingredients

To cut down on your sugar intake during the festivities you can opt for sugar-free sweets made from low-fat milk. Indulge in the healthy almond date truffles to curb your weight from a gradual increase during festivities. Made from almond butter and dates this wholesome recipe makes it easy to stabilise both sweet snacking and your health. Ditch those staple sugar-rich barfis with healthy and power-packed almond barfis which are low in cholesterol and are also exceptional sources of Vitamin E. Consumption of nourishing treats that taste equally delicious should be the best way to rejoice Diwali this year.

Take small bites

When you sit down to dine on tables loaded with all delicious dishes, the only way to indulge in mindful eating is to monitor the eating portions. Take small bites to enable your brain enough time to indicate to you when to stop.

These simple tips for conscious eating will help to stabilise your diet while ensuring you can satisfy your sweet cravings and still stay healthy all through the festivities. Happy Diwali!


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