Do you sometimes sleep with wet hair? Here's why you should stop

Many of us bath in the evening or night and then head to bed with wet hair. Here's why you should always dry your hair and then go to sleep.

Updated on Jun 06, 2020 08:34 PM IST  |  3.5M
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Do you sometimes sleep with wet hair? Here's why you should stop
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Many of us face hair loss and scalp issues and the reasons could be several. Today we are talking about one of the causes. Sleeping with wet hair could be one of the reasons. Yes, you read it right! Many of us bath in the evening or night and don't dry the hair before hitting the pillow. If you are doing the same, then you should not as sleeping with wet hair has several side-effects.  One of the major side effects is scalp irritation and hair loss due to breakage. It is always better to dry off the hair, remove the knots with combing and tie hair in a loose braid to avoid breakage and other issues. 

Sometimes we blame shampoo and other things for the itchy and irritated scalp. But the reasons could be your habit of going to bed with wet hair. Scalp issues such as dandruff and others can happen due to damp pillow covers. When we sleep with wet hair, a humid and warm environment gets created and it can increase the chances of bacterial growth. Aside from these major hair and scalp issues, you may face more problems and health disorders. Read on to know more.

1. Knots

Wet hair is very fragile and chances of knots and hair getting tangled badly increase when you sleep without drying your hair properly. After waking up in the morning, you will find that your hair is super unruly and hard to detangle. 

2. Frizzy and low volume hair

Damp hair creates stronger friction against the pillows and the same can lead to frizzy hair. Dry your hair so that you don't have to waste your money and time over anti-frizz products and treatment. If you have thin hair, then you should be more careful with your hair care routine and avoid sleeping without hair drying as the same can lead to further low levels of volume. And of course, we want voluminous hair and not limp. 

3. Headache

Sleeping with a wet head can lead to headaches. As per experts, wet hair can lower our body's temperature and can cause headaches as our body is trying to warm up. Also, hair wrapped in a towel can lead to pain and can even interrupt our sleep.

4. Split ends

Do you often cut your hair because of split-ends? One of the causes of too much split-ends could be sleeping with hair wet. We toss and turn many times in our sleep and hair gets damaged when there is a constant rubbing throughout the night.

5. Skin issues 

Wet hair sleeping not only causes hair and skin issues but it can also damage your skin. There are chances that during sleep hair can come over our face. And the combination of wet hair and the temperature of the room can provide perfect conditions for skin-irritating bacteria's growth.

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