Do you suffer from diabetes? THIS is how it can impact your pregnancy

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Diabetes is a chronic disease where your body is unable to manage its blood sugar levels due to the lack of insulin. It's also very important to understand that diabetes cannot be cured. It is a lifelong disease that you simply have to learn to live with. It's very crucial to manage your blood sugar levels when you have a problem like this. It isn't something that can be ignored or overlooked. If you're trying to have a baby or if you are already pregnant, it's very important to manage a problem like diabetes while you still have time or it may end up having a major impact on you and your child. Diabetes can pose a risk on the mother as well as the unborn child's health.

An expecting mother can suffer from hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia if she is diabetic. Hypoglycemia may cause blurry vision and fatigue and mood swings while hyperglycemia may cause you to feel thirsty all the time or it may even cause weight loss and the urge to pee constantly. Diabetes during pregnancy can pose a risk on the life of the mother and can be life-threatening. But it can be much worse for your child. Diabetes increases the chances of fetal death also known as a stillbirth. Lack of glucose control can impact the life of your unborn child. It can also lead to your child being born with a birth defect like a heart defect or a brain or a spine defect or even a kidney or digestive problem.

At times the child born may be much larger than usual. Due to the imbalance in the glucose and insulin levels, the baby may be born fat and the mother may need to have a c-section delivery. It can also cause the mother to go into early labor and have the baby before time. It can also lead to a respiratory problem for the child born a tad bit too early. This is why it is very important to see a doctor and take precautions during pregnancy especially if you're a diabetic patient or have a family history of diabetes.