Do you suffer from Diabetes? THESE juices can help maintain your blood sugar levels

Updated on Sep 17, 2019 10:24 AM IST  |  1.8M

Diabetes is a chronic disorder that can affect people of any age or ethnic groups. It is a health condition that isn't easily diagnosed or spotted. Diabetes is a condition that is not easy to manage. It is caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices and it can have a major impact on your life and hamper your life. It can also cause many other chronic health conditions and also put you at the risk of developing more problems. A high level of sugar in your blood can have side effects that can hamper your life and your health. With no cure, the best way to handle blood sugar is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

These juices can help lower your blood sugar levels and keep it under control.


1. Karela Juice

Bitter gourd is very rich in vitamins and minerals and has a lot of nutrients. It has minerals and that help reduce the blood glucose levels and it also has nutrients that work much like insulin and helps control the blood sugar levels. A glass full of bitter karela juice once a day can be great to manage your blood sugar levels.

2. Spinach Juice

It is rich in fibers and vitamins and other nutrients that are good for your body and blood sugar levels. All these agents work together and act as an anti-diabetes substance and help manage blood sugar levels in your body. A glass full of spinach packs a lot of nutrients and dietary fibers and folate which is great for diabetic patients.

3. Tomato Juice

Tomatoes are great for diabetic patients. They help improve cardiovascular activity in your body and also help lower blood sugar levels in your blood. A glass full of unsweetened tomato juice is great for a diabetic patient.  

4. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is rich in nutrients and is very good for overall health. It helps improve digestive health. A glass of healthy fresh aloe vera juice has many healing properties. It has anti-diabetic properties and helps reduce the blood glucose levels in your body.

5. Leek Juice

It has low sodium levels and helps lower cholesterol levels and also has dietary fibers that help lower your blood glucose levels. Leek is rich in nutrients and is a glass of leek juice packs a lot of nutrients that are good for diabetic patients.