Dr Atul Ambekar talks about how opening wine stores can lead to more Covid 19 cases

Updated on May 08, 2020 04:01 AM IST  |  1M
Dr Atul Ambekar talks about how opening wine stores can lead to more Covid 19 cases

As per the medical point of view, opening wine shops will have people gathering around it. Maintaining distance is also a concern. How they handle the wine shop and whether they wear gloves is also an important concern. People are wearing masks but what about gloves? 

This increases the chances of contamination. When it comes to the Economical point of view, India gets a lot of money because of alcohol. They shouldn’t have stopped selling alcohol so there wouldn’t be this much crowd plus we would have got revenue. 
Because societies and areas get sealed these days people get scared. Now if they get cold or cough then they get worried. Every symptom they get worried and then every human is psychologically upset and worried. 
Lockdown will definitely continue as far as Mumbai and Pune and other states are concerned where there are a greater number of patients. In places where the number is increasing day by day lockdown should be continued. Till the time there is no vaccine or medicine for this virus, lockdown is the only effective solution. 
I also have a view on lockdown that interstate migration is happening and requesting doctors that I have no symptoms, my tests are also negative but the thing is if you are in a phase where you don’t have symptoms and give a certificate to travel and have an interstate transmission the concern is: what if the person becomes positive there?

Work has increased too much for doctors. Rather working is nowadays hectic. Because of media, patients are comparing each and every complaint with Coronavirus. It's fear of getting inflected and illiteracy about source spread the disease. 
Worry is there but social distancing is also there. So that is helping them to get rid of their worries. 
We keep a soap water bucket is outside my house, Dettol hand wash at society gate. I change my clothes 4 times daily. 
Lockdown is the only solution. It is a battle for everyone.

People should be allowed to travel if there is some family issue or problem but still certain rules should be followed. People are so scared that basically, I feel that doctors and media should come and tell people to not worry. There are a lot of things like improving immunity and taking care of yourself that are important. Good examples of people recovering should be shared. If people take care of themselves, take care of their immunity, have a diet full of vitamin C and there is no need to worry. There is a fear in the society that if we test positive than a van will take us and we will be quarantined. This has created fear in the society.

About the author:

Dr Atul Ambekar is a doctor in Mumbai. 


Anonymous : Yes I agree wine shops will become trouble
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Anonymous : Good advice of Doctor Atul Ashok Ambekar.
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