Is drinking cold water bad for your health? Check out the health benefits and risks of it

Do you only rely on cold water during the summer? But is it good enough for your health? Read on to know the health risks and benefits of drinking cold water below.
Is drinking cold water bad for your health? Check out the health benefits and risks of it
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Summer is on its way and it’s that time of the year when we have to do a lot of things to keep us hydrated all the time. It is always recommended to drink 4 to 6 litres of water every day to stay hydrated. But during the summer time, we often love to drink cold water to satisfy our thirst. We also like to indulge in mocktails and other drinks during the summer to beat the heat. A refreshing drink is never good without some cold water and ice.

But have you ever thought about the impacts of cold water? Is it good for our health? Generally, we know that drinking excessive water has its own risks. Drinking cold water has also some impacts on our health. It has both some negative and positive effects on our health. Some of the health benefits of cold water are balanced body temperature, energised body, etc. But which one is better for our health, normal water or cold water? Let’s find out.

Is cold water bad for health?

Well, it is often believed that cold water may cause your stomach to contract for which you get digestion problems. Also, when you drink cold water then your body has to work harder to maintain the average inner temperature. According to Chinese medicine, drinking cold water with meals may create an imbalance within your body.  

Benefits of drinking cold water

Balances body temperature after workout

Cold water prevents the body from getting overheated after an intense workout. It then becomes easier for the body to lower the temperature.

Provides energy

It is considered that cold water can provide you with more energy for the entire day. However, more research is needed to prove this point.

Good for overweight children

Cold water can increase the expenditure of energy in overweight children. But having only cold water may not help you to lose weight. Cold water is good for hydration. But you should avoid it if you are having a cold or flu as it may slow down the recovery process.

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