The effects of seasonal changes on the skin and how to deal with them according to an expert

Due to seasonal changes, our skin starts to react in different ways. As a result, we have to encounter many skin issues. Here are some expert-approved ways on how we can fight the effects of seasonal changes on our skin and keep it healthy and moisturised.
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With the advent of the winter season, we begin to notice not-so-welcome changes pertaining to our skin. For instance, the pimples are likely to be more inflamed if our skin is acne-prone, or the skin might just appear drier than usual. A study conducted a few years back by the British Journal of Dermatology suggests that people living in relatively colder areas might even develop more permanent skin conditions. The change in seasons impacts our skin severely because our skin is the largest sensory organ, which reacts almost immediately to atmospheric changes around us. Therefore, it becomes even more crucial for us to prep our skin in accordance with the season. Hence, it is very important to follow a healthy skincare routine in order to achieve bouncy moisturised skin during this part of the year. So, Akshit Goel, CEO of The Natural Wash talks about a simple ‘CSTM’ routine to help the skin deal with seasonal changes.


It is very important for us to cleanse our skin on a regular basis to remove all the dirt and impurities and rejuvenate the skin cells. However, we need to keep in mind that we opt for a mild cleanser, preferably one that is free of sulphate or paraben.


The scrubs that we use contain tiny exfoliating particles, which keep the skin moisturised. The process of exfoliating is essential if we aspire for a moisturised skin. Because exfoliation removes the dead skin cells allowing the moisturisers to penetrate the skin.


Using a toner on the skin does not merely help in soothing the skin. A skin toner also plays a key role in letting your moisturiser or serum get into the skin cells and further provides you with the supple skin that you desire. The process of toning also retains the hydration of skin cells.


After cleansing, scrubbing and toning, you can finally indulge in nourishing the skin with a good moisturiser. When a moisturiser is applied, it acts as a protective film on your skin against the weather. Make sure the moisturiser suits your skin type.

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