Eggs Whites vs Egg Yolks: Which one is healthier?

Why do so many people discard the egg yolk and only eat the outer layer of the egg? If you call yourself an eggetarian then find out which part of eggs is healthier, the egg white or the egg yolk or both.
Eggs Whites vs Egg Yolks: Which one is healthier?
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Eggs are a versatile type of food that can be eaten in multiple different ways. From scrambled to poached eggs, you can experiment a lot with eggs. Essentially eaten as breakfast they are a good source of energy for your body boosting immunity instantly. 

Eggs are packed with nutrients for your body that are beneficial for your overall health. However, it is known that egg yolk contains high levels of cholesterol and hence, certain people avoid eating the egg yolk. However, we are here to tell you the multiple health benefits of the egg yolk vs egg white and if it is worth ditching the egg yolk or not. Let us find out.

Egg white

The outer layer of an egg is called the egg white. People who are health conscious often tend to eat only the egg white and avoid the egg yolk. The egg white is fat free, low on calories and keeps the bad cholesterol away.

The egg white is rich in potassium mineral that helps to maintain blood pressure level. Egg white has the ability to build muscles, so people who have a heavy workout regime can eat egg whites. The riboflavin vitamin in egg whites helps in curing migraine headache and prevents cataracts.

Egg yolk

The most number of calories are found in egg yolk. The egg yolk would sum up to 55 calories while the egg white has 17 calories. Egg yolk might be avoided for several reasons, one being that they are high in cholesterol levels. Having high levels of cholesterol in your body makes you prone to developing heart diseases. However, the egg yolk certainly contains more amount of nutrients and minerals than the egg white. 

The egg yolk contains more nutrients like Vitamin B6, B12, A, D, E and K. It is rich in calcium. Magnesium, iron and selenium. The egg yolk also helps in improving eye sight. The egg yolk constitutes about 90 per cent of nutrients and the rest 10 per cent are found in egg whites.


Since most of the nutrients are found in the egg yolk, it makes sense to not discard the egg yolk and eat it in moderation because of the high cholesterol levels it has. The egg yolk is certainly healthier keeping in mind that is eaten in moderation and not in excess as it is also packed with high cholesterol levels. If you are prone to heart diseases or have in the past gone through heart surgery, it is advisable to avoid the egg yolk and eat egg whites.

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