Ellie Goulding to Hrithik Roshan, Here's why many celebs and health freaks opt for fasting

Several celebs and even commoners follow the fasting approach, read on to know the health benefits of it.
Health & Fitness,fasting,hrithik roshan,Ellie GouldingEllie Goulding to Hrithik Roshan, Here's why celebs opt for fasting
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Hrithik Roshan and Ellie Goulding both are hitting headlines as they recently revealed about their health approach i.e. fasting. ICYMI, Roshan recently revealed that he pulled off a 23-hour fast via an Instagram post during this lockdown. On the other hand, Ellie Goulding, in an interview with withn www.mirror.co.uk, revealed that she opts for 40 hours fasting at a time. She revealed that she drinks water and other drinks for almost two days and it helps her to reduce inflammation.

She also revealed that the approach is okayed by a doctor and she does it very safely by having a nutritious food day the day before and after. She said, “On a fast day, I drink high-grade electrolytes and a LOT of water (plus tea and coffee). Fasting is safe and beneficial unless you are diabetic or have serious health issues. I built my way up to 40-hour fasts over time (started with 12). Fasting from time to is a great way to give your digestive system a break." She claimed that fasting helps to control blood sugar and reduces inflammation and these two are mother of all health problems. 

The practice of fasting is done since time immemorial and plays a vital role in many cultures and religions. For instance, billions of Muslims around the world are abstaining from food and drink from dawn until dusk during this holy month of Ramadan. While fasting during Ramadan is related to spiritual beliefs, but one can fast any day for there are several health benefits. And how can we ignore the super big trend of intermittent fasting? Just like two sides of a coin, there are some risks as well, so before you hop to the bandwagon, make sure your body allows you the same or no. 

Health benefits of fasting: 

It promotes blood sugar control by reducing insulin resistance

Better health by reducing inflammation

May enhance heart health

May boost your brain function and prevent you from neurodegenerative Disorders

May improve blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol Levels

Promotes weight loss as there is calorie deficit and better metabolism

Increases the production of Human growth hormone (HGH)

Helps to delay ageing

May prevent cancer

NOTE: Fasting may not be right for everyone, especially for those who have diabetes or those who have underlying health conditions. Fasting is also not generally recommended for older adults, adolescents, or underweight people. And that's why you should consult with your doctor before you make changes to your lifestyle. If you are doing it, one should couple it with a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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