EXCLUSIVE: 10 Simple tips to follow for your holistic wellbeing: Mind, body and soul

Updated on Jul 02, 2021 11:45 PM IST  |  189.5K
EXCLUSIVE: 10 Simple tips to follow for your holistic wellbeing: Mind, body and soul

Its interpretation of health is not merely defined by the “absence of illness”, and expands into a state of being, — that includes the presence of modal conditions necessary for happiness, positive emotions, and moods.
The practice of wellbeing — may be seen as the cultivation of behaviours, habits and routines, that provide for a conducive environment that positions us best to endure a time of adversity, —  through a more balanced and harmonious approach towards one’s self.  
Well-being does not cure. Rather, it creates the necessary conditions required to preserve the soul and body to the best of its capacity through adopted measures that enable the maximization of self-healing. Measuring wellbeing is now being seen as a better indicator of relevant health in a country, community, company or business.
The steps to finding states of wellbeing in our lives involve the construction of experiences that add up to the transformation of ourselves [not “ourselves”]. This journey begins with an intention to cultivate and design a desirable future.

As architects of this conducive ecosystem, here are 10 measures that can ensure a solid foundation of a harmonious self that may facilitate optimum growth and progress:
Practising mindfulness.
This allows you to have a heightened sense of awareness of your sensations and feelings without interference from interpretation and judgement.

Practising Gratitude.
Reflecting on thankfulness allows you to experience more positive emotions and even have a stronger immune system that helps you in dealing with adverse conditions.

Practising self-nurture and care.
Appoint yourself to be the keenest observant and caretaker of your mind, body and soul. Utilize the proximity that you share with yourself to develop a better and deeper understanding of how you function.
Focusing on positive relationships. Setting out with an intention to be the architect of your life may result in a few failures. It is important to recognize that we must not allow disappointments and frustrations to corrupt our vision for healthy relationships within and without.
Embracing the authenticity of ‘now’. 80 per cent of our time is spent on thinking about a past event or future possibility. While the agency to shape your future lies in a better understanding of your past and future ambitions, the only agent that is in your control is now. the present moment. Remind yourself not to dwell on the past or the future, for happiness.

Recycling energy.
Refrain from overexerting your energy on designing a pretty and desirable life. Growth is only possible if you allow yourself to exercise —  strength and recovery, in equal measures.

Learning to trust your intuition.
Tap into your internal guidance system that activates the precognitive knowledge required to navigate through your decision-making process. This is generally activated before your critical or logical thinking and allows for a better reflection of your state of preparedness to complete an upcoming event.

Removing toxic thoughts, people, substances and habits from your life. Remind yourself that you are the chief officer in charge of your life. If any substance, person or pattern does not make you feel good and support your development, make conscious efforts to remove them.

Maintaining discipline.
It is not practical to expect yourself to always be at the peak of your positive feelings. But it is vitally important to continue with your practices and efforts, even on days that you aren’t feeling that great.

Allowing yourself to find joy.
Seek out pleasures through value-added experiences that are guilt-free. Indulge into healthy abundance and continue to keep yourself open to receiving from the elixir of life and nature within and around you.

About the author: Puja Puneet, a certified Life Coach, Emyth Business Coach, Author, TedX Speaker.

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