EXCLUSIVE: 5 Easy Yoga Asanas to ease menstrual pain from a Yoga expert

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EXCLUSIVE: 5 Easy Yoga Asanas to ease menstrual pain from a Yoga expert

This pain is nature's way of telling you to change before you break, to allow your body time to heal. Even though pain is a signal to avoid things and take care of yourself, many women's periods are a time of anxiety and stress. Yoga can't stop the cycle of menstruation or all the hormonal changes that come with it. But it can teach you to relax, relieve stress, and find balance--all of which will help make your periods more comfortable.

The following 5 yoga asanas can help you feel better during menstruation:
Forward Bending Postures: Abdominal and pelvic massage can help alleviate some common reproductive tract disorders. Moreover, releasing stagnation in the abdominal region, reducing bloating, stabbing pain and constipation.
Paschimottanasan (Full Forward Bend):
Sit on a yoga block to begin
Use a belt to engage the knees
Grab the elbows under the knees to make sure the back does not over-arch.
Use a yoga block in-between the legs to rest the head. This can be an excellent alternative.
Using a chair can be an excellent way to help those with lower back issues and to avoid any problems with back trouble related to forward bending.

Janu Sirsasana (Head-to-knee Forward Bend)
Sit on the ground with an erect back.
Stretching the right leg in front of you, try to lean your left leg on the inner part of the right thigh.
Now inhale, raise your arms.
Exhale and lower your arms as you bend forward, placing your head on your right knee.
If possible, clasp the toe of the right leg.
Hold the asana for a few seconds and focus on deep breathing.
Now Exhale and bring the arms to the sides
Repeat with stretching the left leg.

Lie flat on the stomach
Then legs are raised and the body is bent in half to form a shape like a bow.
Now Lift the thighs off the ground.
Stay here and breathe.

Inverted Pose:
Viparita Karani:
Sit up straight in a comfortable, relaxed posture, facing the wall
Move the pelvis as close to the wall as possible, and press your legs against the wall.
Inhale and exhale, and allow your muscles to release more deeply.

Cross-Legged Posture:
In a comfortable, relaxed position, straighten your body, and extend the legs in front of you.
Bend your right knee and place its foot on your left thigh.
The toes should be pointed upward, and the heel should be close to the navel.
Repeat on the left side
Keep both legs crossed and align your thumb to forefinger in Gyan mudra.
Keep your eyes closed and breathe slowly, taking deep inhales and exhales. This will help you relax.

Do these postures in a modified way or with the assistance of pillows or bolsters.
Avoid extreme, vigorous poses.
Do not overstretch, or move forward/backwards too far.
Do not pressurise your lower back.
Wear a menstrual cup or use tampons to avoid contact with the blood. This will keep your clothes, sheets and body clean and dry throughout the day.

Start with these simple practices and you will find that the more attention you give to these particular asanas, the more relief you get from menstrual pain.

About the author: Ira Trivedi is a celebrity influencer and an author of a few international best-sellers. She is touted as one of India's modern age yoginis.

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