EXCLUSIVE: 5 easy yoga asanas to a healthy and happy life according to an expert

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EXCLUSIVE: 5 easy yoga asanas to a healthy and happy life according to an expert
EXCLUSIVE: 5 easy yoga asanas to a healthy and happy life according to an expert

Yoga aims at achieving physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. It also gives a complete insight into the concept of spirituality, thereby connecting us with ourselves, the world around us, nature, and the cosmos. Practising yoga is like putting on a pair of glasses to look at the world. It is a way of seeing ourselves and the world in a new light, so that knowledge can help us reduce stress, be healthier and live happier.

Do you want to cure your body of all diseases and keep it in a healthy shape always? Do you want to bring about level-headedness, clarity, and peace to your mind? Well, then start following the yoga sutras to awaken your vital energy or prana. This vibratory life force provides nourishing energy and health benefits to both mind and body.

Here are five simple yoga poses benefits for a healthy body and mind:
Ananda Bal asana (happy baby pose): This asana is great for building immunity. Just as a baby lies curled up with his or her feet drawn up to the torso, this pose allows us to recreate a safe and secure environment in our adult lives. While rotating the pelvis, lie on your back and stretch your legs up in the air. Exhale, gently bringing your heels towards your head as you unwind into the asana, letting a big smile spread across your face. Repeat this five times, for about 3 minutes each time.


Natarajasana (dancers’ pose): Natarajasana requires you to balance on one leg, with the other lifted behind you. It stretches the entire side of your body from thigh to fingertips and demands strength in your arms and torso. Such a movement brings blood to the interior lining of each vertebra in your spine.
It is an incredible stretch for the hamstrings, opening the hip flexors and improving flexibility in the spine.
The chest opens and expands to encourage deeper breathing, while the thighs slowly burn off fat.


Bhujangasana (cobra pose): It is a wonderfully strengthening and rejuvenating asana. Inhale to raise your body up with the help of your arms. Do not use momentum, your arms should remain straight and strong. Pull in the abdominals to support your lower back as you straighten the spine but don't crunch. Look forward or down.
This posture strengthens the back
Improves concentration, stimulates the brain and digestion,
Tones the stomach and abdomen and tones up the respiratory system.


Chakravakasana (cat-cow pose): Bitilasana is often used to stretch your spine, strengthen your back muscles, and help relieve mild fatigue or stress. Over time, cat pose builds strength in your core muscles (as well as indirectly strengthening the muscles in the rest of your body), improves flexibility in your spine (especially in the lower back), tones your abdominal area, tones your buttocks, and helps correct posture.
It's best when done in the morning as it helps you start your day with renewed vigour, freshness and health. The flexibility of your spine increases due to this yoga asana and releases all the tension held during sleep.


Ustrasana (Camel Pose): To do this asana, come to a kneeling position. Press the thighs straight forward to avoid pain in the knees and hips Keep your thighs vertical, and extend your head and back as far as possible. Tighten your abdominal muscles so that the lower back is slightly arched. Find the right posture for you, and hold it as long as you need to. Then release your hands from the heels one by one, and return to the starting position. Relax, letting go of all tension in your body, and take deep breaths.
Increases flexibility in the spine that helps the body to become more limber.
Improves overall posture
It also aids in relieving back pain.
Help get rid of excess weight around the midsection.


Practice these asanas to achieve mental equilibrium or the mind will be easily distracted, like an oil lantern in the wind. Your mind is constantly reacting to outside stimuli and can be likened to a lake's surface. It ripples when the wind blows when a cloud passes overhead, or when anything else disturbs it. Practice yoga to calm this surface. Make it still like glass or like water in a deep lake and you will experience peace.

About the author: Ira Trivedi is a Yogini and an author of a few international best-sellers.

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