EXCLUSIVE: 5 Ways in which new mothers can de stress and unwind by an expert

Updated on Sep 30, 2021 10:54 PM IST  |  74.3K
De-stressing tips for new mothers
5 Ways in which new mothers can de-stress

From those mid-night movie dates, and night outs to mid-night feeding and diaper changing sessions, and a whole lot of crying while making your baby fall asleep, you must know how far you have come in life. At least the new mothers will surely do. Amid all the stress and anxiety of nurturing another human being and growing up with him/her, what is often lost, not always, is the identity of a mother.

Sure, motherhood is a beautiful period, but it is as much exasperating too, if not more. Stealing some time for yourself seems like a Herculean Task. However, it is important for new mothers to take time out for themselves, sit back, relax and unwind.

“In the first few months, you lack the ability to think clearly and your work schedule is extremely unpredictable, zooming from 0–100 in a matter of seconds. This leaves very little room for any personal time. However, that does not mean that they should neglect themselves completely. New mothers need some "me" time too. In fact, according to research, stress hinders new mothers' abilities to be fully aware about parenting skills and their babies' needs if they are constantly under tension,” says Dr. Chandni Tugnait, MD (A.M) Psychotherapist, Coach & Healer, Founder & Director, Gateway of Healing.


She jots down 5 ways in which new mothers can de-stress and unwind.

Find your safe place

While every new mother goes through this phase of hazy uncertainty alone, it is important to find a peaceful space where you feel relaxed and comfortable. This may be your bedroom or living room after putting your little one down for his/her nap. This helps create boundaries between personal and family time, allowing you to regain energy before tackling other duties.

Take a hot bath

Epsom salt is excellent for relaxation and unwinding. It helps with muscle inflammation, aches and pains. You can also include lavender essential oil into the mixture to enhance the soothing effects of a calming bath through aromatherapy.


Exercise daily

Regular exercise boosts circulation and stimulates brain activity, which relaxes your mind and reduces stress levels by releasing endorphins that in turn improves moods. Just do not overdo it as the last thing you want is to collapse from exhaustion after completing what we all know as motherhood's greatest challenge—a full day without any break.

Enjoy a healthy meal

Cooking usually helps with stress levels as it gives you something productive to focus on; however, not all new mothers have the time or inclination to prepare meals. A good balance of carbohydrates (containing essential nutrients such as B-complex vitamins, niacin and thiamine), proteins (an excellent source of energy) and fats (helpful in fighting depression) is necessary to keep your mind clear and spirits high. So, if you are going to grab a cup of coffee with a friend, go for a healthy wheat bread sandwich instead of a croissant. You will feel more satisfied if your meal consists of whole grains and fibre rather than a processed food that is full of sugar.


Practice meditation and deep breathing

All you need is about 10 minutes of peace away from the rest of the world. Sit comfortably with both arms by your side, close your eyes to avoid distractions, breathe deeply as you clear your mind of all thoughts, and repeat a calming mantra (such as “I am at peace”, “I am loved”, “AUM”, etc.) in your head, so, you don’t let your mind wander. Meditation allows mothers to relax because it helps clear their minds of stress and other distractions that prevent them from achieving inner peace.

Most importantly, give yourself permission to relax. While mothers feel guilty each time, they take some time out for themselves, it is not selfish to give yourself permission to! The last thing you want to do is to break down because you are too stressed out to continue.

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