EXCLUSIVE: 6 Expert approved reasons to add raw honey to your diet

There is no dearth of honey brands dotting the market claiming to be pure, healthy and immunity-boosting! But, are all these products really as healthy as they claim to be? Is the honey you consume pure, unadulterated and unaltered?

Updated on May 20, 2021 11:10 AM IST  |  626.3K
EXCLUSIVE: 6 Expert approved reasons to add raw honey to your diet
EXCLUSIVE: 6 Expert approved reasons to add raw honey to your diet
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To ascertain the goodness of your honey, you must know that honey is the most beneficial and healthy when consumed in its most natural state. However, when the honey extracted from beehives is processed, heated and laden with additives, it not just loses its innate health benefits but may even become unhealthy to consume. Unfortunately, a bulk of honey brands are processed, pasteurised and may even have preservatives added to them.

So, if you want to consume honey for its myriad health benefits, you must look for raw and unprocessed honey.

Age-old panacea 

Ancient literature from across civilisations have mentioned how honey – “a gift from heaven”--- has always been used as a healing agent. Even the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle referred to honey as “good as a salve for sore eyes and wounds”. The benefits of this sweet nectar, “madhu” find mention in the Vedas, Bible, the Jewish Torah and Koran, suggesting how our ancestors believed in its medicinal properties. Modern research has attested to the fact that when consumed in its natural form, it has very high beneficial plant compounds that offer several health benefits.


Health benefits of raw honey

Honey, especially in its raw form, has long been known as a superfood with miraculous medicinal properties. Today there is no doubt about honey’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties.

Pure honey also has immunomodulatory properties, implying that it helps modulate and boosts the body’s immune system. A number of studies in recent years have indicated that honey when consumed in its purest form may have potential anti-cancer benefits. Scientists also believe that honey is rich in amino acids and may help achieve a series of health goals including weight loss, fighting off allergies, improving respiratory health and even provide anti-ageing benefits.

Raw honey is packed with phytonutrients and contains a high amount of antioxidants. It is also antibacterial and antifungal in nature. 


Not many people know that raw honey contains a substantial amount of bee pollen, which is essentially quite healthy to eat. This bee pollen comes from the flowers that the bees pollinate contains numerous vitamins, micronutrients, amino acids and good fatty acids, and even more antioxidants. You won’t find these benefits in processed honey.

Besides, many studies have that how raw honey benefits our overall health including the possibility of lowering the risk of heart disease, heal wounds, and benefiting respiratory health. All thanks to the concoction of somewhere 22 amino acids, about 31 different minerals, and a wide assortment of vitamins and enzymes found in raw honey.

An enzyme known as glucose oxidase is another key player. This enzyme helps produce the molecules in honey that give it its antimicrobial and antibacterial nature with leads to a healthier you. Antioxidants in the pure form of honey can help in regulating blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels. 


Well in current times when the only way to really protect yourself from a contagious virus is to boost your immunity, a cup of pure honey-lemon tea can go a long way.

About the author: Ms. Shivranjani Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer, Conscious Food

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