EXCLUSIVE: Aakash Ahuja, Pranitaa Pandit & Sharad Malhotra express concern for mental health

Updated on Oct 11, 2021 11:46 AM IST  |  58.1K
mental health day
World Mental Health Day: Aakash Ahuja, Pranitaa Pandit & Sharad Malhotra express concern for mental health

World Mental Health Day 2021 is being observed on October 10. This day is extremely important as it concerns the issues of the mind, addresses the importance of mental health and wellbeing. Clinical depression is increasingly on the rise and we need to come up with effective solutions to combat signs of depression and other mental illnesses.

Given the taboos and stigmas attached to ailments of the mind, many don’t express themselves in the fear of being misunderstood. Addressing the issue, actors Aaskah Ahuja, Pranitaa Pandit and Sharad Malhotra share their views on World Mental Health Day. 

Aakash Ahuja

Most people tend to be introverts when it comes to their real feelings and emotions. I'm no different. I think we're all blinded by the illusion of social media these days, so you hardly get to know what a person really feels because whatever we see is superficial as people pretend to be happy in the virtual world. It’s time the real side of people and the real emotions should come out. There's no harm to be an introvert, you get to know and understand yourself better. I think everybody should take out time for themselves to ensure that they're mentally healthy. Just putting yourself out on social media and looking all happy and dressed up is good to cheer yourself up but too much of it is unhealthy. Be an extrovert while expressing your feelings, because the more you ignore your issues, flaws and the more it affects your psyche. We must accept who we are.

Pranitaa Pandit

People are extroverts on the outside but when it comes to their inner feelings they are introverts. No one wants to be judged or not accepted the way they are. In fact, this whole digital world has made people very conscious and has instilled the fear of being judged. But, in reality, it's absolutely okay, not to be okay. A Lot of people are talking about it but then it's easier said than done. It's very difficult to just let yourself be and accept all your flaws. Initially, we had only our families telling us what is right, or what is wrong and conditioned us. But now, in today's age, I think children are being conditioned by everyone and anyone. People who don't even matter are conditioning them to be how they should be. So it's very difficult for people to be open about their feelings but I'm very glad some are talking about it. You've to be free, you've to be in an atmosphere where you can be yourself and I think that is what we really need to work on. As far as I'm concerned, I think I'm grounded and flowing just like how the river flows in breezing the earth because I really feel it's very important to move on and let go and move ahead. And at the same time you've to know your reality, you need to know the truth you've to accept who you are and know yourself better and love yourself. That is something I usually advocate. Live in the moment, it’s very important to be here and now.

Sharad Malhotra

I am an ambivert. I am an extrovert wherever I feel the need. I need my space. I don't open up to everyone. Mental vibes and comfort are very important. Mental health is a very important thing to be taken care of. One should be happy from within. One must have few close pals to share your life with. One should not bottle up emotions. Sharing and caring attitudes are very important for mental health. Everyone must have their "Me" time as that keeps your attitude perked up.

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