EXCLUSIVE: Body check ups are a must every six months, say experts

Updated on Sep 03, 2021 02:55 AM IST  |  260.9K
Doctors advise frequent body check-ups to fight heart attack
Doctors advise a full body check-up every six months

The mere thought of visiting a hospital makes many of us skip a beat. Whether it is for a simple vaccination or something as serious as a COVID test, the scare quotient is always high. However, after the untimely demise of Sidharth Shukla, whose reason for death is under investigation, doctors are now suggesting that regular check-ups are a must.

If you are an 80-year-old or a 21-year-old, you shouldn’t take your health for granted, and instead of self-diagnosing, better consult a person who has spent decades mastering the art.

“A much younger generation is suffering from sudden heart attack and cardiac arrest due to lifestyle diseases, lack of exercise, alcohol, smoking, stress, diabetes, hypertension etc. Controlling lifestyle habits, healthy food, regular exercise and stress management can also help to lower the risk of a heart attack. Body check-up once a year plays a vital role to avoid further complications,” says Dr Mangesh Kohale, Cardiac surgeon, Wockhardt Hospital.


Dr. Salil Shirodkar, Cardiologist, Nanavati Max Hospital, agrees with Kohale and tells you that a full body check-up is required every six months. “In a heart attack it can sometimes trigger an electrical disturbance that leads to sudden attack. Many younger generations are facing the attack due to several reasons. There is an extremely urgent need in terms of creating awareness about a healthy lifestyle. Body check-up is required on a six to one year gap to avoid heart complications. Genetic issues are also contributing to heart attack and cardiac arrest. Training of CPR is important in this scenario as the life-saving assistance,” opines Shirodkar.

The situation is so alarming that even normal chest pain can give many people a mini heart attack.


Dr. Subhendu Mohanty, Head and Senior Consultant - Cardiologist, Sharda Hospital, Greater Noida, says that today even if a 21-year-old comes with a complaint of chest pain, the first step is to get his ECG done.

“Two decades back, this wasn’t the case. ECG was seen as the last option, because heart attacks among the young were so rare. But now the tables have turned, and we always advise an ECG in case of chest pain,” says Mohanty.

While some doctors agree to disagree that a body check-up is required every six months to a year, there’s no harm in getting one done. More so, because heart attacks are on a high.

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