EXCLUSIVE: Breastfeeding Vs Bottle Feeding: ALL you need to know about what your baby needs by medical expert

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EXCLUSIVE: Breastfeeding Vs Bottle Feeding: ALL you need to know about what your baby needs by medical expert
EXCLUSIVE: Breastfeeding Vs Bottle Feeding: ALL you need to know about what your baby needs by medical expert

Experts recommend breastfeeding as it has a plethora of health benefits. Bottle feeding can be suggested for the ones who are unable to breastfeed their babies. Hence, you will have to consult your expert regarding what is more suitable for your little one.

It will be the toughest decision for parents to make a choice between breast and bottle feeding. Undoubtedly breastfeeding has a good nutritional value and is the right choice for the infant. Sometimes, breastfeeding is not possible for new moms. Hence, it is a personal decision about whether to opt for breastfeeding or bottle one. You must carefully weigh the pros and cons of both breast and bottle feeding, and see what suits your baby the most.

Breastfeeding is the need of the hour and has unequalled benefits when it comes to both, the mother and the baby. Ideally, it is recommended to exclusively breastfeed infants for 6 months (only milk, not even water). Yes, you have heard it right! Weaning should be started at 6 months and breastfeeding should be continued for a minimum of 2 years.


Here, we discuss the benefits of it.

  • Breast milk offers a host of benefits for newborns. Did you know? The initial part of milk called foremilk quenches the thirst and the hindmilk that tends to fulfil the hunger. Moreover, breast milk is hygienic and is readily available along with having a proper temperature and is free of cost.  
  • Furthermore, it passes immunoglobulins to the baby, making baby immune to multiple diseases including tetanus, cholera, and other infections. Various studies suggest that breastfed infants have lesser chances of morbidity and mortality from childhood ailments like allergy, bronchial asthma, diarrhoea, childhood cancers, obesity, and even sudden infant death syndrome.


  • Not only this, but you will also be shocked to know that it is also essential for cognitive and sensory development.
  • It has a lot of advantages for mothers too. You will be surprised to know that breastfeeding can lower the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Likewise, you will be able to cut down those excess kilos and get back to that normal pre-pregnancy state. In the long run, breastfeeding can also help mothers to keep lifestyle conditions like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases at bay.
  • Breastfeeding can strengthen the bond between the mother and the baby. It can help them connect emotionally. After all, that skin-to-skin contact is essential for the baby.

Everything you need to know about bottle-feeding

  • Formula milk is a good alternative when one is unable to breastfeed the baby. But, it is expensive and will need a lot of preparation. You will have to sterilize the bottles and nipples. One will have to properly mix the formula milk before offering it to the baby.
  • Formula milk will not be able to provide all the benefits like breastfeeding. It will not be able to give that some immune protection that breast milk tends to offer.
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Those infants who are fed on formula milk will have higher chances of developing infections in the early years. It does not contain antibodies.

You will require planning and organization in order to feed formula milk to your baby. Furthermore, you will have to store it properly. Powdered milk is less expensive when compared to formula milk.

Those babies who feed on formula milk may have problems like gas or even firm bowel movements.

About the author: Dr Jagdish Kathwate, Consultant, Paediatrics & Neonatology, Motherhood Hospital, Kharadi, Pune 

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