EXCLUSIVE: Celeb nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal on helping Taapsee Pannu get an athletic body for Rashmi Rocket

Taapsee has made headlines for her body transformation for her next film Rashmi Rocket. Her nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal spilled the beans on how she helped the actress look the part.
EXCLUSIVE: Celeb nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal on helping Taapsee Pannu get an athletic body for Rashmi Rocket EXCLUSIVE: Celeb nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal on helping Taapsee Pannu to get athletic body for Rashmi Rocket
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Rashmi Rocket is ace Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu's next film. The actress has been sharing her body transformation on her Instagram page and all that she is doing to achieve it. But it isn't just her workouts that are ensuring Taapsee is fit for the role, it is her diet and nutritional intake as well! We got in touch with celebrity nutritionist and lifestyle consultant Munmun Ganeriwal, who has been helping Taapsee gear up for her role.  

How long have you been preparing Taapsee for the role for Rashmi Rocket?
I started preparing Taapsee for the role of an athlete in Rashmi Rocket in September this year. The shoot has commenced in November and so the plan was to transform her body in 2 months. Along with body transformation, I have been focusing on her strength and endurance so that she gives her best performance while doing the races that were shot in the second schedule at Ranchi in December.



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For all those who have been inspired by her to get leaner and fitter, I would like to mention that what they see isn’t just a 2-month transformation. One cannot live a reckless life and then one fine day, think of transforming the body (the way she has) in mere two or three months. It’s too far-fetched a dream. I have been working with Taapsee for a few years now and can vouch for the disciplined lifestyle she has been living for these years. Ever since we have been working together, her diet irrespective of her busy schedule has always been based on wholesome homemade meals. No fad dieting or trendy diets; no low carb or low-fat meals; only simple, sensible ghar kaa khaana.
Her gut has been ‘conditioned’ or ‘trained’ over the years so much so that when she started training for Rashmi Rocket, she didn’t have to go through gastrointestinal distress (heartburn, nausea etc.)—often referred to as ‘runner’s trots’—that are common during higher intensities of exercise and in athletes. On the exercise front also, she has been consistently working out since the time I have known her. She loves to play squash. So, we used to alternate her squash sessions with strength training gym routines that I used to plan for her. Over the years, I ensured that stress-relieving practises like ‘Yog nidra’ be a part of her lifestyle. So, during the shoot of the first schedule when she was made to run repeatedly throughout the day, I recommended she continues the practise as it will help her stay calm and recover faster. In simple words: both her health and fitness have already been at a great baseline level and all that was required for Rashmi Rocket, was to take it few notches higher.
Along with the fact that Taapsee is very sincere and hard-working, it was quite achievable in the short duration of 2 months that was available for us.



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What are the main challenges you faced during the prep of Rashmi Rocket?
Taapsee is one of the busiest actresses in the industry today. Her calendar is 'chock-a-block' all year round. While that’s certainly a good thing, it does become challenging to keep pace with her fast-changing schedules. Since in my practice, I have also trained real-life athletes, I do have a sense of the lifestyle they follow. When one compares theirs to that of an actor’s, it becomes evident that there are more challenges in preparing an actor who wants to replicate an athlete for cinema than the athletes themselves.

For Rashmi Rocket, Taapsee has been training like an athlete in the morning but later lives an actor’s life. Her day ahead is packed with 12 hours shoot, movie promotions etc. There are times when she is shooting all through the night. All of this can derail the progress she makes in her fitness game. This is when the right diet and supplements become very important. I plan them keeping in mind not only her training regime but also in a way that it helps her get through the day, her muscles get enough recovery so that they are ready to fire up the next day. Also, while she has been preparing for Rashmi Rocket, she has been shooting for other movies simultaneously where she would not want to look like an ‘athlete’. Her diet, hence needed to be planned in a way that aesthetic wise, she could fluidly switch from one role to the other.



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How big of a role does good diet and exercise play in building an athletes body?
Whether it’s ‘lean bulk’ or ‘size zero’, diet (food & supplement) plays the key role that is 70% while exercise is 30%. A mere Google search can reveal this fact. It is popularly called the 70/30 rule. When the body is not supported correctly with a good diet, it is not possible to reach your peak and get the most out of your workouts.

Unique points in her Rashmi Rocket diet given by you?
The norm in the ‘fitness world’ is to look down upon ghar kaa khaana, and resort to unpalatable and unadaptable foods like oats in the morning, a bowl of daal & boiled veggies for lunch, grilled meats for dinner, raw salads as mid-meal. Most people believe that meals made in an Indian kitchen aren’t worthy of being included during the prep of a lean, athletic body. Packaged products labelled as low fat, high protein (read: protein bars etc.) and fancy keto meals that are tailor-made by brands reaping tonnes of money has become the newest diet trend. But contrary to all this, Taapsee’s diet, as usual, is still based on simple, homemade meals. She is on a diet that has the right balance of carbs (rotis, rice, sourdough breads, sweet potatoes), proteins (dairy, meat, eggs, nuts, dal), fats (cold pressed oil, ghee, nut butter) and fibre (methi seeds, flaxseeds, sesame seeds). I travelled to Ranchi for the shoot of her second schedule just to ensure her diet is on point. Since Ranchi was way colder than Mumbai, coarse grains like bajra, makai and heating spices like garlic along with ghee were made use of.



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We may stay ignorant of the powers of Indian foods but the fact is that garlic has been one of the oldest “performance enhancing" substances. It is known that Olympic athletes in ancient Greece used to consume it to reduce exercise-induced fatigue. Litti chokha, the staple food of Jharkhand & Chukku Kaapi, herbal coffee with anti-inflammatory Indian spices were part of her Ranchi diet plan. Taapsee isn’t the one who would give in to the numerous ‘diet trends’. She loves her food and likes to stay sensible about it and this makes my job much easier. As far as supplements go, this is the first time that I have included sports supplements (protein shakes, recovery drinks, performance boosters, carb loaders etc.) in her diet plan because her role in the movie demanded so. However, all the supplements that I have planned are completely natural. Both I and Taapsee were certain of not using any banned or illegal substance only for the sake of rapid transformation.



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Is there any food she craves for but you have prohibited her from eating?
Taapsee is the true blue Punjabi from Delhi and loves her chole bhature. The deal between me and her is that she would eat one full plate of it by the end of this month when she is done shooting for most parts of the movie.

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