EXCLUSIVE: Could the Covid19 Vaccines impact menstruation? An expert opines

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EXCLUSIVE: Could the Covid19 Vaccines impact menstruation? An expert opines

Many rumours related to vaccination and periods are putting up a question in women’s minds – Is taking vaccinations while being on periods actually safe? This is because many people are talking about the risks of taking vaccines around the time of menstruation.

Let’s know the fact behind these myths and rumours:

Myth: Before taking the covid-19 vaccination shot, women should keep in mind their period dates. They should not take vaccination shot 5 days prior or 5 days post their menstrual cycle as this will affect their fertility and the period flow. Also, during periods, women have low immunity and after taking the vaccine, the immunity will initially be lowered and then increased so it can be harmful to the women to take vaccine during their periods.

This myth spread across the globe so instantly and at such a mass level that the health official had to come forward to clear the confusion. 

Fact: There is no direct effect of vaccination on periods. A woman can take a vaccination shot any time, even while being on her period. The covid-19 vaccine is 10% safe. There is no risk associated with vaccines and menstruation and hence, women should not believe in such rumours and myths. The situation these days is quite stressful. So, stress-induced irregularity can be anticipated. Also, there is no study or data available claiming that the vaccination should be avoided at the time of periods or if there’s any side effect of the vaccine on a woman’s menstrual cycle.

It is advised to all women to not believe in the rumours and take their vaccination as soon as possible. The present Covid-19 scenario is very terrifying and vaccination is the only solution left. So everyone should get their vaccination shot as early as they can.

About the author: Article by Dr Aruna Kalra – Senior Gynaecologist and Obstetrician at CK Birla Hospital, Gurugram

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