EXCLUSIVE: Do you feel like running away from everyone? Here is what an expert wants to tell you

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Here is why you might want to run away
EXCLUSIVE: Do you feel like running away from everyone? Here is what an expert wants to tell you

Do you feel like running away from people and things? Does loneliness interest you? Do you often feel life has become meaningless and you want peace? Most of the people will answer with a yes. No matter how familiar these feelings are, many of us might not know why or how they happen. The answer lies in your lifestyle.

Just like any other machine, human beings need rest, too. And, why not, we have life, after all. However, many people tend to prioritise their work so much so that everything else takes a backseat, including their health.

Garima Juneja, Psychologist & Founder of Lightroom Therapy & Counselling, tells you this feeling is caused by "burnout" which is defined as a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.

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“The feeling of running away is no more only associated with struggling teenagers. We all tend to experience the recurring feeling of leaving away everything behind during times of unprecedented stress. Be it a stressed-out marketing guy, or a banker, or a CEO, or even a tired mom, everyone goes through these kinds of emotions where we want the world to come at a standstill,” says Juneja.

The main triggering point of this burnout feeling, she says, could be some unpleasant circumstance or chronic issue with relationships at a personal level or workplace. “The feeling could also emanate from our inability to handle a crisis. But sometimes it could just be a sword of stress hovering overhead for a long time, everyday stress getting piled up, which makes us feel overwhelmed with emotions. The urge to escape from people at workplace and even from personal life becomes urgent eventually,” explains Juneja.

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During such a situation even a 10-day break fails to get you back to your daily life, if not taken wisely. The situation gets worse for people, especially in the corporate world, who don’t have the privilege of going on long breaks in between. Then what should one do, you ask? The answer is simple. Make your break look like a break. Switch off yourself from the rest of the world. Don’t further stress yourself by working even on a vacation. Remember that meeting can wait, your mental health can’t.

However, even if you have the liberty to go on long breaks, Juneja believes it’s not a good option. “A brief runaway at times has upsides. If taken with due care, a distance can help you to relax, reflect and rejuvenate to get back to your responsibilities with a clear head. But, running away and staying put for a long time may bring with it an added baggage of guilt with a risk of endangering your existing relationships and job,” says Juneja.

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Fortunately, there are healthier alternatives to resolve problems than just running away. Before you pack your bags just try out these measures, says Juneja.

Put your foot down

Sometimes because of an overload of work at the workplace or home or both, we feel too exhausted. But as multidimensional individuals, we are expected to perform flawlessly at every dimension. In such cases, before you get to the burnout stage, just see what can you do to ease yourself out. It could be giving up responsibility, assessing your job profile, and doing away with redundant parts, or checking out if you can get help at home or help from a colleague at the workplace for the time being. Remember you will be expected to do whatever you are allotted unless you put your foot down to what seems enough for you.

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Perfectionism is killing

If you are taking an excessive burden of any responsibility because of your perfectionist tendencies, then it's high time to tweak yourself and assess the deadline versus quality aspect. Deliver what is the need of the hour instead of going gaga over it being perfect. This will even ease out the burden on your staff. Render great quality but not by burning the midnight oil and making it a regular phenomenon, because eventually, it will lead to burnout.

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Change your situation

Running away will never mitigate the issues at hand. It's equivalent to a child closing his eyes when he sees any danger approaching him. The problem is things aren't going to be smooth by running away. Instead of closing our eyes, let's face the music. Look what you can do to comfort yourself in the long run. A change of job or leaving a toxic relationship or working on yourself could be some of the hard decisions which you need to take. Procrastination won't fix up things, making the right decisions at the right time might do.

Talk it out

Taking the help of a therapist may help you in addressing the root cause of the problem. Collaborative discussions and decisions can eventually act as permanent fixes. Persistent feeling to run away is a cry for help. Seek help and chalk out a permanent solution to the problems.

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2 weeks ago
Absolutely true I can relate to every word mentioned here, very true I'm going through the same situation trying to be a perfectionist and having unrealistic deadlines and being a imaginary superhero actually sucked out the life out of my soul.. talking to you really helped me maam. I cant do anything to pay you back what you have given me my life is going through a very critical and crucial time. I'm killing myself everyday trying to be the best and then run away coz I don't wanna face the reality that nobody can ever be perfect no matter how hard you push and how focused we are. Thank you for your guidance maam everything you did for me can never be put in words all I can say is I was almost gonna kill myself when I talk to you for the first time and probably I'm alive coz you stepped in my life. Thank you again very extremely much